Friday, December 30, 2011

And again I say Adieu...

Follow the rules

One more day till this year is over. Goodbye 2011!For old times sake, thank you. It's been real., not fake at all.

But this post isn't about deep reflections it's about how I love to dress up for new year's eve.Next year I'm thinking I might just want to watch the ball drop on Time's Square with someone special.

Layer the glamour from the bottom up!

Anyway I digress! Glamour is an absolute necessity for me on most days, but something about being on the precipice of a new year, says amp up the glam to me! Yaysies!

It's in the bag!

Just a few ideas of what I'd like to rock into 2012 wearing.Have to set the tone for the wardrobe whims of 2012.

Add a little sparkle ;)

Put your back into it!
Statement pants for New Year's day lunch
Keeping it LBD simple
Sssexy little Lanvins to dance in the New year!

I LOVE this New Year's song. Pity it's hardly ever played in South Africa much. Auld Lang Syne (Old Long Since) is actuallly a poem written by Robert Burns and then turned into the song that marks the beginning of a new year for so many.It is said that he got the tune from hearing an old man singing his poem...

Wishing you all a marvelously magical New Year's Eve and all the best into 2012. Maybe "auld acquaintance should be forget and never brought to mind," but whatever we choose to do and dream going forward, let us never forget to, "take a cup of kindness yet, for auld lang syne."

Thursday, December 29, 2011

winging it

From here

Hopefully getting there using the wings of a jet plane! I'm exhausted! I cannot plan or organise another thing. Yet I have deadlines looming ominously.Some past, some future, but ever present and ever looming.Inside the recesses of my head, are the dark, dark shadows of reams of to-do lists! (Picture me fainting)

What a marvelous idea
I need to get away. Far away and breath in some fresh, mountain air! Weirdly enough, no sea air required right now! That just spells more fretting, like is my body bikini ready?! Eek!Bring on more back spasms.

This has not been a bad year, I cannot tell a lie.While it has not been easy, it has been productive and well that is a might marvelous result! Mazels to me and all those involved in getting me here!

Now to plan my getaway!

A little John Legend to make us imagine some blissful escapes."Take me somewhere, where love is like breathing..."I love this line in the sing...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

let it go,let it go, let it go (this was meant to be up on Friday 23 December 2011)

Indeed it is!
It's freaking Christmas time!! So why am I in the office!!? WHY OH WHY?! I have the most awful spasm that only my dear Bailey knew all too well. Isn't it technically Christmas eve?! Why are we working and more importantly stressed at this time of the year, when I'm sure everyone where I'm from is enjoying the sunshine or the snowfall if you're there yonder!

But the end is nigh..I can see it!Friday!!Friday show yourself please!I need a break! I need to Christmas shop, I need to shop for my house!! I need to be anywhere, but at work.Oh wait let me be more specific.I need to be lying down, poolside or beach side, reading one of my awesome books that I've been lining up all year! I want to be footloose and fancy free. Oh wait and perhaps have someone fancy me... hihi.. I want to hold hands in the sunshine and giggle. To drink pink bubbles,just because we can.

To those of you enjoying your holidays. Super lucky, please be grateful! Some of us are SUFFERING! But it'll soon end!

Thinking about some of the great Decembers I've had with some special people. Reliving the INCREDIBLE experience we had with Kabze and MyBooty going to the John Legend Concert. 3 girls and a Mini Cooper, amazing how far that gets you! Haha! This is a fun life indeed! Also seems the season to listen to some still John Legend tunes.

Enjoy the holsies!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday thinkings

Dear work, please finish.I need to get my holiday on!! I don't know if the rest of you who are still sadly at work are feeling this plodding along feeling that I'm feeling right here! Wow! This final week in the office is just dragging and so much to do and so little impetus to do it! Help!!

So just in need of some inspiration! Here we go!

Go on and give Him a hug too and say THANK YOU!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Summer stirrings

Ella Fitzgerald "I've got a crush on you"

It's in the air. Fun times, sunshine, happiness, relaxing, and maybe a little romance and mischief perhaps?! Ever heard people say summer is the time for love or maybe is it lust.

But some summery romance seems to be something that most people have in mind at this time of the year,albeit fleeting in some instances.

 Dinah Washington "Love Walked In"

It's that time of the year when I'm noticing there are a lot of interesting stirrings of the love kind. Crushes if you want.Many probably began over glasses with crushed ice, but wait, I digress. People around me seem to be getting that festive feeling.I, for one am loving the look of it all. Some of the most cynical people I know are talking about hand holding and sultry kisses, and cute little personal quirks of their intimate interest. 

Ooh what fun. Lots of smiles. Giggles a plenty.Lots of staring at the floor, because looking up at the object of your affection, is well just plain awkward and you might fall over because they are far more beautiful up close than you remember.Oh wait or may you might just be tempted to kiss them...again!Who knows...when sparks fly, who knows what will happen?!

Perfect outfit for flirting poolside perhaps?!

Ooh the joys of these summer stirrings. Got to love it! It's in the air, breathe in as much as possible.

The joys of both.

Reasons we love summer.

Today's post is doubly inspired by these sultry tunes and the discovery or rediscovery of these beautiful songs.Perfect beats for balmy days filled with those stirrings, possibly of the butterfly kind (insert wink here)

Nat King Cole "Let's Fall in Love"

Friday, December 16, 2011


Morning musings over a cuppa...

Wow! The countdown to Christmas begins...9 days to go. Public holiday for us wonderful people of the South (Africa) today. Day of Reconciliation. Lovely name for a day off.

Great theme too, RECONCILIATION.I'm doing just that...Reconciling.My year, my life, people, work, learning. Just a little bitty recon. This public holiday is very well placed I must say.9 Days till Christmas and two weeks until the new year comes to greet us. Best we get the reconciliation in before.

Be extraordinary.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday thinkings


This week is dragging on..So is this month, as we're inching closer and closer to the end of the year.I'm in a tunnel for sure, the light I cannot see at this point. Every day this week has been jam packed with so much life in each and every moment.So many beautiful lessons, some not so nice to learn, but there is beauty in the lesson still.

Heart's also just a little heavy at the moment, I think I just need a big hug. Even a mini jedi has some off days...
A good chortle makes everything better.

We're all taking strain in so many ways, but 2 weeks till Christmas and then it's all downhill from there or maybe is it uphill into the New Year! Eek! 2012 is really becoming a reality.

To my friends handing in their theses and to me waiting for year end results!
I think we all need a break. A break from the worry, the frantic rushing, the routine, the work, the thinking, the worry. Just a break from it all.

And remember...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday thoughts

 As I started writing this, I just took a bite out of red velvet cupcake heaven! Wowsers!I'm sorry what was that again...Life sure is very beautiful.

It is so hard and as the year draws to a close, I am really beginning to feel it.Even though I'm grateful I've made it this far, in one, almost solid piece!

Well I actually heard this song yesterday! Wow!(I'm saying that a lot, round!) I felt the tears filling in my eyes. It's one of those songs that your heart needs to hear, but didn't know it until it hears it. It's so beautiful and I'd never even heard of the band before. Thank you to Muptee of doepelganger for introducing me to this amazing musics! As you always do you musical genius you!So here's my song from this amazing group called Made in Heights...

This song just sums it all up. Love, life and everything else.

Let's hope that as the year draws to a close, we can also,"feel the weight of the world falling slowly..."

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