Friday, February 28, 2014

Thank you and goodbye

Walking away..from here

Last day! Yeah let's say that again! LAST DAMN DIZZY DAY!! While to some I'd have rather said "fuck you and goodbye", I kept it together and kept it clean and decent. Left like a lady, head high and happy! It took a lot. Good goodness!! That was the final push and it took all the strength I had to leave on a high note. Pity I don't get high, because that may have helped make it easier.

But I'm glad for the gritting my teeth and high road experience. I feel vindicated. That is for sure.

Last day of the month too, I think it's all best that it ends this way. I'm looking forward to beginnings.

And that is why we need endings. I'm not a fan of drafts, so these doors need a closing people!

Be brave enough to open the door even when you are not sure what lies ahead. All you are sure of is that some doors need to be closed behind you. Don't look back, you're not going that way!

Remember to say thank you, because you are thankful for the experience.

Big loves, big decisions and big bright futures to you all.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

No hard feelings

So I had my exit interview yesterday. Never had one, but an interesting experience none the less. Here I have my doubts they will use any of my constructive criticism, but that is theirs.

I was strangely overcome with emotion. The main reason I discovered as I walked to my desk is that, There we no hard feelings. All that yuckiness and torment that I'd gone through over the past few months. The what felt like targeted bullying, the relentless boredom and lack of work to do. The soul crushing and the leaving out. It was hard, but yesterday before I went in even, I realised that the anger was gone. I'd let it go. I wish them better than they are now. It made me quite emotional and there was a point where I was speaking to this HR lady where I almost cried.

Letting go is good. Especially of hard feelings like anger, tension, stress, negativity, low morale. Yikes! Just a drag and it will take you with it.

Be gone yuckiness!

Let it go.

Don't go down with it.

Lightness, love and letting go people.

The world works even better with kindness.

Don't stop believing!


Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Countdown till the end of this job chapter in my life. This is one end I am looking forward to. Sorting out a handover and someone handing me a new project in my last month, has really tested me I must say. Nothing quite like having to dig deep for enthusiasm and drive when you're on your way out the door. But press on I will. Through all the admin that comes with leaving a company as well. Geesh so much paper work. YIKES!!

So the key thing that I've decided on is focus and commitment to the end. Not commitment to this firm, no ways, get it right. Commitment to myself doing a good job as always. Now more than even, it requires immense focus.

A break would be awesome, but I will keep going to yoga class for that. We have no desire for burnout.

Here are some handy tips to avoid burn out or to at least manage it a little better. I knew I was getting better when I cooked a yummy dinner last night. Then this morning I woke up at 4:45am and I was so happy. Coming back towards my true self. Then off to anti gravity yoga I went. Nothing like swinging upside down into yoga poses with your head pointing scarily towards the floor.Nothing like a little fear facing first thing in the morning. I also love the fact that our hammocks have been tested and they can hold a baby elephant.So cute right. That thought just makes me  seriously happy.

Ain't it just

Whatever it is today that you need to get done, focus and get through it. Hard tasks first.

I know we often say that we should one thing everyday that scares you. Add one more thing to your list today and do one thing that makes you exceedingly happy. Even if it's just a naughty smile, I'll take that too.

Take on Tuesday you beauties.


Monday, February 24, 2014

Keeping it under control

So my English teacher said to us in our last class of high school, that we should have sex! And if we find ourselves somewhere in our 20's having not tried these carnal pleasures, then we should get a vibrator and if our mothers object, we should buy her one too. Totally shocking at our tender age of 17/18 years, where the words penis and vagina still elicited girlie giggles for fear in some of us of these bits ever connecting! Eek fornication!

I firstly feared sex, for firstly one particular reason, making my Dad a granddad and worst still the heart attack that would possibly elicit. Eek!!

So when I finally took the plunge(eek how did I put those words together.) Anyway no pregnancy was the main aim in life, so contraception was key. Boy did that stuff make me feel sick. I tried them all. Until I made the decision to be off contraception. Also what saved me was not being in a serious relationship, so this was not a concern for me. Pregnancy was not a likely outcome of being singly. hihi

Anyway, I've always been interested in contraception, like any medication and what it does to your body. I also want to have little babes one day, so I need to know what's what. I'm not too sure if I will ever return to contraception that's hormone based, but that's a chat between my doctor and I.

I found these articles on refinery 29 today, which got me thinking. Have a read of this woman and her experience of quitting birth control. Also if you prefer your medication a little more natural, then perhaps you should read this too.

Surprise pregnancies aren't best for me, I don't want to have been on any funny medication or things like that.Not to mention financial and relationship matters. All these things that I don't want to do. I want my baby to have the best start in life even before that ovum and sperm connect.

That's why I still need to plan how I will keep it all under control.


Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday...yes please!

Oh so it's that lovely day of the week it is. Grey day in Joburg too. Great, because I can wear my cool tweed blazer! (Simple pleasures)
It sure does.
What are the plans this weekend you beauties? I'd love to snuggle up on my bed or couch with one of my great warm blankies and stay there until Monday.

Before I wish you a bon weekend. Okay, let me wish you now too. Happy weekend. But here's some wonderful advice, that I need to hear desperately,take to heart and carry in my heart everyday.

I've been super effective this Friday morning. I've prepped a zucchini soup(new recipe adventure. I'm just trying it out, but I fear it may be a winner.) Made a delicious and revitalizing green smoothie for breakie. I haven't popped all my vitamins, but I'm wading my way through my requisite supply. Sent some emails, getting my blog on and then I think I can sufficiently venture on to face my day and finish my handover for the job that was not meant for me. That is such a hard truth to accept and admit without feeling like the world's biggest failure.

That said, I think it's far better and I'm learning far braver to go out there and be who I am meant to be.

Your dreams are out there, no wait, they're in there, in you. Just reach in and touch them and then when you get braver, grab them and go go go!

Sending sunshine, smiles and faith your way.

Happy weekend lovelies


Thursday, February 20, 2014


I am at the end of my tether, so I trick myself. I am however at the end of a highly busy week and emotionally charged. Change is a lot of work! WOW! I don't know if I'm ready! I'm scared for the change, even though I know I need it and I want it. The prospect of reality being how I've dreamt it, seemingly has me far more uncomfortable than the discomfort of this reality that is not my own and that does not fit. Bizarre truths of being a human being.

Do you, I always say. Perhaps I should take my own advice.


Monday, February 17, 2014

Moody Monday Musings

I've resigned from my job. I'm excited to be leaving and I'm scared to be without a salary, but I know I'll be okay. More than okay, I see amazing on the horizon and that scares me more than anything ever.


Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Friday People

It's been a long and eventful week. Yeeha! Happy Friday! Put your feet up or put on your dancing shoes and have a razzle.

I'm excited about today! Just excited about life today! Let's do this people.

Please follow your dreams. Listen to your heart when it whispers or else it will shout.

Sunshine and smiles,


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wednesday wisdom from the web

I need advice on a vast plethora of things lately. So I thought I may just share some handy and possibly ABSOLUTELY useless tips I've found on the interwebs lately. Use them or lose them, there are some though that have made me look twice.

Here goes...something...

Food is essential - so 4 easy dinner recipes are a goodie

I don't know exactly how much of this advice I will follow. Moreover I don't have the answer to any of the multitude of questions and scenarios whirring around my little head, but I'll get there. If nothing else, this has been a wonderful distraction and I know some of these tips will come in handy.

Happy Wednesday. 

Wig out!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Farm girl tastes

I always pride myself on being a farm girl at heart. I plan to own a farm one day and I cannot wait to do up my farmhouse, with a huge wrap around verandah. Where my family can pack on a Friday and head out of the crazy city life and we can walk barefoot and I can fill the house with the smell of break baking in the Aga.Yes please!!


Farm girl, doesn't mean simple tastes, it means to me a taste for finding pleasure in the simplest of things. Realising the beauty of stillness and freshness. Activating all your senses. Living. Being ALIVE!

Taste, often brings me back to food. What about a lovely little drinkie drink for our friends who come and stay with us at the future farm?..

Yummy drink recipe here. I would probably swop the mango juice for something else though, but hey, I'll let my guests have their choice.

So many things I could think of that the quiet farm life would bring. Would be so great to raise my babes to swim in the dam and run around barefoot and pat cows and try and catching piglets. So cute.

Farm girl tastes and city living. A girl can have everything she wants.

Tuesday tickles to you my darling bloglets.


Monday, February 10, 2014

This way please...FLY

From here
Fly off in the direction of your dreams people. It's the only way. Let's all collectively promise to be less afraid EVERY day! Let's make a promise to promise ourselves, that everyday we will be less afraid and take and make even the tiniest little shuffle in the direction of our dreams.

The thing is though, that we have to build up to fly!

Go in that direction!



Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Flat tyre

Last night after my beautiful nephew's 9th birthday dinner, as I was leaving I discovered I had a flat tyre. Not really what one is after, after a long Monday when you've been up and down from meeting to meeting and when you have a good 50 odd kilometres to drive to get home... But flat tyre it was. My run flat tyre, well it ran flat! So I slept over, which is always a mission when you don't have your own creature comforts and you'r so used to running your life, then things like this happen that are beyond your control. So I just took a deep breath and went to sleep. Great sleep too.

Woke up with a sore throat with an intensity of a million cacti simultaneously filing up my throat as well as jumping in it. Clearly I need a little yoga, but more than that, as yoga has taught, I need speak up. More so, speak my truth.

This I know to be true.

More than that what I learnt from my flat tyre experience is that I, me,myself and I, we are all a little run down. Running a lot flat at the moment and that I need to slow down and just perhaps park under the shade for even just a day.

How are you all doing?

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