Friday, January 29, 2016

Janvier! Assez! Bye!

The first month of the year is about to bid us adieu! It zipped past hey, but there were moments where time slowed down and the moment was savoured for just a little longer. So special.

Putting this month away. Not keeping too much, this tab is unlikely to stay open. No hard feelings, but I am learning how to let go and be done with things, no straggling, no holding on to hopes that really are esteemedly far fetched!

I'm doing a warm water fast today. I learnt it on a yoga course a few years ago and I really find it beneficial. I have been uncharacteristically overindulgent this month, and by this I realised that there some feelings that I may have eaten in the form of a jelly baby or a most delicious crinkle cut chip! It's amazing how in doing this we realise how unconsciously we can sometimes eat and how much more you have to listen to yourself when not being distracted by food.

I'm looking forward to getting into my kitchen and getting my cooking on this weekend.

Here is my little reading list of things I loved reading this week and some that just made this month, so much lovelier to me.

To accompany a lazy saturday breakfast, I'm thinking zucchini fritters
What do your unsent messages say?
Do you like eating alone? I do
I plan to see this play


Begin as you wish to continue, but always end with an extra flourish, I say!


Monday, January 25, 2016

See you there!

New week! End of the first month of the year is upon already!! I cannot believe it and I love it.

We need a reading list for this week I feel...

Have seeds will brew. I'm going to try this Detox Tea.
Meat free Monday is about to get tastier with this Lentil dish
These seem so app'd to keep us organised
Trying to get a good bedtime  

Let's make today count. Each day at a time. I find I get myself so hectically wound up worrying about what is coming tomorrow, when I have not even got through today.
Trust in TIMING! Have a lot of faith!


Monday, January 18, 2016

Still becoming...

You know I am often so stressed that I don't know what I'm doing with my life and not where I am supposed to be. Then I have the sadly fleeting moments where I get a glimpse of the truth that I am so exactly where I am meant to be. I was listening to something this morning and it really struck me when the lady said, you are "still becoming..."

Isn't that the truth!? Who knows. Our own truth is always in these places inside of us, that we often look into last. Often because we are afraid of something that isn't even scary in the light of ourselves.

Monday morning has been lovely. I need to be off to yoga in a bit. My soul needs it and my body will benefit.

Here are a few wonderful links from the internet of things, that I wanted to share this Monday morning...

Strawberry breakfast cake is what I'd like to bake this week (maybe with raspberries, they're in season here)

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Make peace and let go

I just read this somewhere on pinterest of course ;) This has definitely been the week for that. Yesterday it really hit me and today these words really just gave me the vocab for a little bit of what I was feeling.

Make peace and let go. We're so often told to let go, let go! Blah blah. I think the making peace part is so damn important! That is what I needed to do first, make peace. Peace is such a wonderful thing to come by and to indeed make, because really it is an active process,not devoid of one's own involvement.

It is ever so interesting (and strangely peaceful) to come face to face with things that no longer actually reside in you and to recognise that it is peace that you've been missing all along.

I made peace and in doing so, I found that I didn't even want to hold on in the first place. It's kind of funny. I realised in making peace that the letting go bit I'd done yonks ago really, I just had not made my peace on this piece.

Make your peace lovelies and let it in the order that you need.


Monday, January 11, 2016

Bye Monday

I got enjoyment in random spurts today and far less than I felt hurt, teary, sad, upset, disappointed, and yes even a little defeated. But you know what, I had salmon for dinner and there were artichokes in my salad, so my life is pretty damn dandy. But our struggles are hectic for us and it is oh so important to acknowledge that.

I keep dreaming about and seeing snakes, hearing of snakes, being in conversations about snakes. I eventually had to look up the symbolism of snakes, because firstly I am a little creeped out, snakes are not my worst, but not my fave animals and they make me feel a little ill at ease. So the recurring answer I seemed to get from the internet is that snakes resemble change. Makes sense..Clearly I am going through a lot of change and a lot of change is clearly coming my way.

I thought I'd look at some good news today and prep a little reading list...
Smoothie operator making breakfast easier
Less email I think I may try this.. 3 times a day maybe
Can I stay at this Virgin hotel! Check me in!

Trying to keep my mind and heart open, when all I want to do is curl up into a tight ball and stay like that for even the smallest minute.

love xx

Monday, January 4, 2016

hi !

This sure is true for me {source}
How are you?? I'm not done resting yet. I'm super tired today, that's how I felt when I woke up this morning. Also was a bit anxious, did as much admin as I could bear this morning and then well...just kinda zombied my way through the day until I decided it was time to make myself dinner..

Felt good to be back in my kitchen, I know I'm feeling better when I can get back into my fave place!

I find myself really anxious today. I'm not up to making plans. Scared of the whole notion really, the muchness of it all... I'm feeling overwhelmed, so I'm being extra gentle with myself! trying...Maybe the antibitotics and strange sleep cycles are messing with me on many levels...But also, likely, it might be the stirring discomfort of change and well... I welcome it...

Light and love, to myself in all the parts that need all the light. Same to you lovely readers.

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