Bye Monday

I got enjoyment in random spurts today and far less than I felt hurt, teary, sad, upset, disappointed, and yes even a little defeated. But you know what, I had salmon for dinner and there were artichokes in my salad, so my life is pretty damn dandy. But our struggles are hectic for us and it is oh so important to acknowledge that.

I keep dreaming about and seeing snakes, hearing of snakes, being in conversations about snakes. I eventually had to look up the symbolism of snakes, because firstly I am a little creeped out, snakes are not my worst, but not my fave animals and they make me feel a little ill at ease. So the recurring answer I seemed to get from the internet is that snakes resemble change. Makes sense..Clearly I am going through a lot of change and a lot of change is clearly coming my way.

I thought I'd look at some good news today and prep a little reading list...
Smoothie operator making breakfast easier
Less email I think I may try this.. 3 times a day maybe
Can I stay at this Virgin hotel! Check me in!

Trying to keep my mind and heart open, when all I want to do is curl up into a tight ball and stay like that for even the smallest minute.

love xx


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