Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Less baggage

Choosing to let go of the things that weigh heavy on our heart is often so hard. Why oh why? Silly humans.

I was having a conversation earlier today where I was talking about just that. How sometimes overthinking and holding onto even the smallest, most insignificant (in the grander scheme of things) detail can just be so damn taxing and diametrically opposed to the freedom of one's spirit and soul.

What was that Sun International line again, "Take only what you need, leave everything else behind."

They sure were onto something.

When it comes to life, try and pack light you little lovelets. Leave room in your bag of life and heart for all the wonder and wonderment that really matter. We'll often find that those weigh nothing at all.

Stay true.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Give it a try...

I was reading something today about how we should probably set ourselves the task for minimum one day to complain less.

That is a wonderful idea, but it got me thinking, how about we do something more. How about we go at least one day this week that we TRY. Try do something that we're thinking about or scared about or doubtful or anxious. Whether it's a phonecall you need to make, a message you need to send, a letter you need to write, a business plan to put together or something to bake. Try! Be amazed by what you can do when you try. 

I think it'll be great for perspective and I think life is sooo much better when you try. Also I think it will help when we try and it's easier to be a little more positive when you try. Little triumphs make me feel so much better and give me more energy. 

Try something, tomorrow is a good day to start perhaps. Just do it for one whole day. I'm going to try it and I sure it'll be best.

Happy Monday


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Food for thought


Breakfast!! My favourite meal of the day. Honestly it is. I cannot think of any meal I look forward to more. It excites me I must be honest. Does that make me weird? Wonderful!!

I also enjoy that it really informs where my day is headed too. The right nutrition ensures a great day for me. Skipping breakfast for me is rarely an option if ever. There are things I'd rather go without, like mascara, but NOT my morning meal. Noo way honey.

I love mornings too. Fave time of the day. Waking up later than 7am really outs me out of wack. I say this now. Clearly I have no children.

Tue-day(get it :) ), I thought I'd list some of my fave breakfasts. A great green juice is really one of my favourite boosts for the day. Really amps me up. I've also been know to add garlic to the mix to give my immune system a boost with nature's antibiotic. Real, fresh garlic does not give you that stink.

I always like to start with a cup of hot water with lemon...

What about some fresh juice to add colour to your life and health? Defs yes!

From here

I'll be trying out this glowing morning juice today. Excited!
I love my espresso in the morning. Quick shot of luxury. Hot and perfect. No sugar needed.
From here
This is my fave breakfast so far. I tried it out on my now darling ex one morning after he got off a yucky long haul flight. A definite welcome home honey and great boost to fight off any in flight germs that wanted to stay. Oh also we can all get a little glory into our mornings.

Morning glory oats from Joy the Baker

Eggs...Not a huge fan of them often, but they really are breakfast don't you think?

Bacon and egg cups from the M-Stew
I also tried this on my now darling ex for the first time. He was my wonderful kitchen guinea pig, a most willing one I think. Such a pleasure to cook for him. I love making food for people I love.

How about this for yummy?
Anyone say yum to some fresh ciabatta and Italian baked eggs
Oh wait and did you say pizza for breakfast? here's a healthy twist

How about a little cauliflower crust pizza

Please you beauties, don't skip breakfast. If nothing else, eat a piece of fruit. It is not for nothing that they say it's the most important meal of the day.

And you're important, so eat your breakfast.

Beautiful Tuesday to you all.


This is long overdue...


I have been meaning to post about this for some time. I keep getting distracted or doing what I need to post on now. Post something that's just popped into my head. Not a subject that is close to my heart, but one that I'm seemingly not all that proficient in in practice it seems. Who knows...I 'm talking about luuurve. What is this wonderful thing that we can talk about so callously sometimes and treat so carelessly? Love is so precious. That is the truth for me.

This will be the first post of many of my musings. I discovered this Drake track today. "Doing it wrong.."

It made me think about break ups. Sometimes they are hard, but perhaps they are for the best. I think this song has some really poignant lyrics that really struck a chord I must say. One of my friends said she cries every time she hears this song and I can see and feel why.

Perhaps there can be some good in goodbye perhaps? Who knows. I'm still trying to figure that out for myself though.

Stay close to that which your heart loves and who's heart loves you back.

Have a beautiful week.


Friday, July 11, 2014

The Weekend

There is something about this time of the week. Laden with excitement and expectation. Expectation of connecting and relaxing for one.

The 2 days we have to ourselves, so to speak, really are not sufficient to unwind from the toils and tribulations of the week gone by. But I guess like all luxuries, weekends too, come in small quantities.

Spend these precious moments with the ones you treasure the most. Make memories. All the little things we do with and for each other, are the little gems we carry with us for life.

If you're in Joburg this week, you must see Nelson Makamo's latest works at the Everard Read.
This collection surely gave me "A New Lease of Life".
As we step into our weekend, let's have a look back at our horoscopes for this week
I'm going to a 21st tonight and I'll remember this

Whatever you do this weekend, be deeply charmed by it. Oh and please don't forget the magic. It's essential!


Stay Fashionable

Friday, July 4, 2014


So I came off my bike today. It was both rather spectacular and not, all at the same time. I wasn't in traffic avoiding a silly driver. Oh no, I was coming home from yoga this morning. Pretty serene right. Coming up the ramp in my garage and I can't really remember what happened between my smiling and then flying across the ramp and a heavy bit of bike still landing on my foot. Man that thing is heavy, who would have thought. Anyway I'm bruised, but in one piece. It feels that way. I picked myself up, leaned over, switched my bike off and then proceeded to lug it down the ramp as I limped next to it, holding back the tears.

I limped into my house and silly me, I still took the stairs, really?! I need to keep fit and not take the lift when injured. Anyway I'm fine, this is totally my own diagnosis by the way.

It's Friday! Yee to the Ha! I need sunshine and a swimming pool preferably, but that ain't gonna happen is it.

Have a gorgeous weekend you beauties.

Do something beautiful for yourself.

Sunshine and hugs


Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Love everything.

So the twitterverse introduced me to a new term today. #WCW stands for Woman Crush Wednesday.

While this is more than a crush (wow completely accidental quoting of LL Cool J there), Diane Von Furstenburg is one woman I truly admire.  Loves her stuff and her style and her apartments and houses.

Also love her name. It sounds like a baroness. Hihi..I think my own name would be best preceded by HRH.

Anyway have a look at this woman of wonder.

Do something what fills you with wonder.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

All loved up

My ex used to say this and it was so cute, because it's not something we say often in South Africa.

So why not begin this new month with a little post about something wonderful like, being all loved up.

Olivia Palermo is one of my foremost style crushes. I feel she gets me...hihi...Maybe it's because I believe that in and amongst all my mixed heritage of my family, I am definitely part Italian somewhere.

I've always liked her style and she just seems to get it, but her wedding outfit this past weekend and her wedding and relationship in general really, just said to me, yep this girl gets me.

More than that I just love how private she is about her private life and I totally get that. I'm very protective over my life and the people close to me in it.

I just love these shots of this loved up couple... Vaguely jelly that two good looking people of this nature found each other. Though I myself would not be all too partial to a schmodel boyfriend, I am not averse to good looks. I do enjoy his name though. Makes him seem almost South African, Johannes.

Have a look at this beautiful history of this couple. Really? They woke up like this?!

Oh just taking a stroll, drinking a freeze, looking fresh to death.  And having a giggle between us.

I love you so much, I want to eat your forehead. hihi..This forehead kiss, moment of beautiful intimacy.

Chilling in the front row. As we do.I love his shoes!
Holding hands. Honestly this is what it's about. Don't stop holding hands.

This beautiful moment of care. Then there's his navy suit,  which is really just greatness personified.
The big day. Perfect in its simplicity and personal charm.
So it took them 6 years to get to this point and I'm sure it was well worth. All in their own time.

Really when it comes to matters of the heart, I do believe that there is no rush. Good things take time.

I do hope you all meet that one where you are all truly loved up and may you have lasting moments of magic between the two of you. When you get married I wish you beautiful little lovelets.

This couple really suit each other. I believe that a couple that is meant for each other, somehow has a look that is similar in some way. Their faces work together. Don't f's with nature, She knows what she's doing that Mama.

Looking forward to you all being loved up.

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