Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Twinlet Tuesday

Rock a by little beauties

I am besides myself with excitement. My eyes seem to zoom in on all sorts of baby beauties and I think that x 2!! Woop woop!

Super styling twinsies yes!
 So what's better than to put together a little shopping listies for what I will buy these beautiful babes. More than anything, I just can't wait to hold their little special faces and just watch them be amazing. Because that's what babies do right? Especially when you're an aunt :-)

For little twinkle toesies

Indeed they are!

For my little bunnies!

And I promise not to put them down...hihi

Superhero for my little superheroes!
These are just a few of my favourite things for my favourite littlies.


Monday, May 27, 2013

Mo(n)ody day

From here
My Monday wasn't exactly blue, but it definitely was a little cloudier than I prefer. A cold has me in it's clutches and refused to let me go momentarily. Perhaps it's just telling me to slow down.

Have loads of work to do, so I better get my wojo (work mojo) back!!

Have an awesome week you blog reading beauts!



Saturday, May 18, 2013

Just the two of us...

I woke up so sad this morning. Last night I dreamt my little sister had the cutest little twins. Little fatties with cheeks and they were such sweet babies and all my older sister and I were so happy, because we could have one baby each. They had that beautiful baby smell, and they were so little and beautiful as only babies can be in that indescribable way. In my dream I went to sleep so excited that I would wake up and see them again in the morning...Then I woke up for real and no twinsies...Oh the longing to be an aunt...

Then I woke up and realised, I may not have twinsies now, but my twinlets are on the way. The bestie is 27weeks a - preggers this week and I CANNOT wait for my twinlets to arrive! Oh some weeks go so slowly for me, but it's wonderfully reassuring to see her beautiful self and that even more beautiful bump growing, I realise that they're almost here. Oh the spoiling that shall be taking place. I can't wait to hold them and see them then I can see their plitty little facelets and figure out what their own brand of nickname will be from T.

Yes she will!!
Bring on the babas. My perfect pair!


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Don't waste your time

Need we say more?
I don't know if this hits home as hard for the rest of you as it does for me. Wowsies!! I don't know if it's called procrastination or there must be a new word for it by now, but, oh but, there is a lot that does NOT get done in my day.

The to-do lists are now shorter to decrease the guilt at not getting through the longer lists...Really self?! Am I for real...

There is no more time. When will I realise?! Now is that time(lame and obvious it sounds, but it gets real when you hear all those swooshingsounds of life and time passing you by).

Get started, get moving, stay ready!

Honestly how much of life will I have lived whilst I stack up the "nevers"?

Funny feeling...

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Working it

Take a deep breath. Take it easy.
It's Worker's Day today! Yet another public holiday in SA. 4 day week Yes!!!

Big day for me tomorrow, so I'm going to enjoy this rest a little longer today. Revel in it!

Do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.

And remember...

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