Friday, November 29, 2013

It's the weeeekeeend!!!...

Smile! It's Friday!! The highlight of this busy week is how quickly Friday got here. Thank goodness. Counting down till the end of the day, though in all honestly my day here ended a long long time ago.(naughty chortle)

Where I'd like to spend some time this weekend...
Wearing these

While away the weekend;

Get your Christmas shop on here
I plan to watch this movie
I do enjoy this GIRL
I'd love to get my bake on
After travelling, my eating has taken a dip, so planning on prepping these healthy brekkies in advance
Get some rest and then be ready to face the remaining weeks ahead with schutzpah
Order online, sales abound in the US
She's AWESOME. Smart, sassy, styling, self assured and

Have a weekend filled with heart smiles, sparkles, baby cuddles and magic.


It's all GOOD

Don't trick yourself. Look around and think about it. If you don't like what you realise, commit to a solution.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Great table setting
It's clearly that time of the year again. Happy Thanksgiving to all of those in the US and those celebrating one of the most well known American holidays. While we may not all be pilgrims or descendants of pilgrim people, we all have many reasons to be thankful and it is something to remember everyday.

As we lead up to the holiday season, it means more time with family which can be both great and requires us to grit our teeth too.

Here are some links from the web about the holidays;

Some people are overcome with holiday dread
Turkey Tips - Holiday nail art
Can you Relate?

I see you

From here

I think I need an extra pair of glass frames. Need a little bit of a change, I think. Or actually, a girl just needs options right?

Found these frames on the web. Interesting thing though is that they look a lot like the ones I have.

More variety perhaps

My faves perhaps.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Frankly speaking

Wordy Wednesday

It's that time of the year, where we are all dragging our feet towards the end of the year and the holidays. If like me you are also super busy and exhausted all at the same time. But also happy and excited about life and the holiday season that is so swiftly upon us.

I think we may be in need of some words from the web to get us through...

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Simply Tuesday

I am on a mission these days. To do more of what makes me happy. To simplify, or rather more than simplify to unclutter my life. More myself on the inside. By golly I think I making good progress here. Letting go and leaving room for amazing to take its place.

That's what we should do right. Leave more room for amazing to take its rightful place in our lives. Leave room for sparkle too. Glitter makes everything awesome!!

We owe it to ourselves. Well I know I owe it to myself to get more in tune with what I need and deserve. Generally that is a whole lot of happy and free. On the inside, because on the outside I do a great job of keeping together.

Bless my darling boyfriend, because he is dealing with a very and almost randomly tearful girlfriend lately. He is so lovely with the tears though that just seem to pop up in his life these days. Makes me feel even better and then want to cry even more. Getting more in touch with tears as well as happy tears. Goodness! It's lovely!

Lovelies. Feel! Keep it simple! LOVE!with everything you have. ENJOY!! Smile, laugh,cry!


Monday, November 25, 2013

Hello Monday

From here
May your Monday be as beautiful as these flowers and with that dash of elegance and indulgence.


Thursday, November 14, 2013


So my yoga course ended today. Greatest gift I never ever thought of giving myself, but SOOO glad I did! Amazing!! Only word I have.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Not so much Jumping Jack

From here

So this morning I started a yoga course! Wow! Crazy and intense, wonderful and awkward it will be indeed. This will not be the average week in my life that is for sure!

I have a feeling. Actually I have a lot of feelings, which I obviously so often try and suppress. Oh dear, I do believe I will be letting them out soon and most probably letting them go.

Now I'm also injured. I like to trick myself and tell myself that it is just a foot,ankle,calf, knee, hamstring injury, but  know life and I kinda know myself better than that and must admit that my heart and soul are injured too.

So why mention the injury. In today's inaugural class, we had to do jumping jacks. Now I looooove jumping jacks and today I was unable to do one of favourite things ever. It's weird when your body is restricted in movement. More than just remembering my more capable, athletic ability, I'm just taken aback at my body breaking down and finally coming to terms with the fact that my inside has now compromised my outside. So much for being the girl who keeps it together.

Perhaps healing is letting go. My body has to let the swelling go and release the tension in my muscles, but more my swollen soul perhaps needs a lot more letting go.

Breathe deeply you darlings and hold onto what makes you beautiful.


Monday, November 4, 2013

Sunday vibes

Where I want to spend a large part of my day....
A not so sunny Sunday in Joburg today. Not much of a probs for me though. Still much to enjoy in this beautiful city of ours. Though I'd probably like to spend countless hours warming up my houselet with some seriously yummy smells wafting through from the kitchen.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Weekend Wishes

Happy Weekend everyone. I am so happy it's Friday, I cannot even explain it in any language let alone English.

Print on print on print is so pretty
I'm injured so exercise is not on the cards for me sadly. Wishing you all a weekend filled with magic, moments of wonder, love kisses and baby cuddles.

Here are some links from the interwebs to inspire or just for a little edification...

Here is some useful info for Monday morning
Who would have thunk it that Uncle Bob would be so insightful with this marriage advice
See what the stars have in store for you this month
Ponder some productivity this weekend

Oh and drink some stars this weekend...

Have a beautiful weekend you beauties.


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