Friday, November 8, 2013

Not so much Jumping Jack

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So this morning I started a yoga course! Wow! Crazy and intense, wonderful and awkward it will be indeed. This will not be the average week in my life that is for sure!

I have a feeling. Actually I have a lot of feelings, which I obviously so often try and suppress. Oh dear, I do believe I will be letting them out soon and most probably letting them go.

Now I'm also injured. I like to trick myself and tell myself that it is just a foot,ankle,calf, knee, hamstring injury, but  know life and I kinda know myself better than that and must admit that my heart and soul are injured too.

So why mention the injury. In today's inaugural class, we had to do jumping jacks. Now I looooove jumping jacks and today I was unable to do one of favourite things ever. It's weird when your body is restricted in movement. More than just remembering my more capable, athletic ability, I'm just taken aback at my body breaking down and finally coming to terms with the fact that my inside has now compromised my outside. So much for being the girl who keeps it together.

Perhaps healing is letting go. My body has to let the swelling go and release the tension in my muscles, but more my swollen soul perhaps needs a lot more letting go.

Breathe deeply you darlings and hold onto what makes you beautiful.



  1. My dearest, I hate to hear your insides are hurting. While I have no cure, I may have a healing balm. xxx

  2. Your vitality despite injury is infectious! *runs to gym*


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