Sunday, September 30, 2012

See you September

Perhaps the way I want them too...
Oh my word. Generally my favourite month of the year is on its last legs as I write this. WOW! What a month! While my cupboards remain yet un-spring cleaned, the inner recesses and chambers of my heart and life, have all been opened up and had the contents thrown out onto the metaphorical floor, where I couldn't even jump over them repeatedly (fear of tripping). Face them! That was the only option. What fun?! (really?! not really) I came face to face with myself! Eek, but awesome in the end.

Had I known, I might have gone for this option.

As we make our way into a new month, one I've never really paid much mind, except it for some special birthdays now, I don't know what to expect. Except that I better make some serious headway with my physical spring clean, make room for the new or readjusted.

September taught me the following;

1. Trust yourself
2. You is Kind
3. You is Smart
6. Be open
7. Accept the help. It does not mean you failed, it just means you're wise enough to know you're not strong enough right now and that is not a bad thing
8. Let go...
9. Let good things happen to you
10. BELIEVE you deserve them
11. LAUGH OUT LOUD - late into the evening
12. Stay up chatting about your dreams into the wee hours of the morning on a school night :)
13. Talk about how you're feeling, deep down into the wee parts of your soul
14. Magic is everywhere, especially when you're not looking for it
15. Life is happening
16. Work hard
17. Stay up late and get it done
18. I need colour in my life
19. I am good at a few things (perhaps too many and I can pare it down a bit, but we'll get there)
20.The time is NOW!
21. Thank you GOD.

So clear the clutter, feel the fear, ditch the anxiety and always always, expect magic!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday Wardrobe

So I'm a little out of sorts today. Wednesday feels more like Tuesday. Gosh darn it! Gotta love public holidays on a Monday though.Ummm... upside though is that Friday, oh Friday! I see you there, just a hop and a skip away.

I work in a rather conservative office, which makes for some great, tailored dressing (even though some people's version of conservative includes low backs and DEEEP V's). I've been feeling a little jaded about my work wardrobe lately I must say. I also like to add a splash of flair to my daily duds, because well, that's just me...Quirky chic, is what I used to call the way I dress, if pressed for an answer.

Coming to work for me is often not the highlight of my day (necessary note to self, maybe this is not really the work I should be doing). However, I think it's important to dress up and show up!

Why not look good doing it too?! I'm usually the queen of heels. I can work 12cm heels for 12 hours, if not more. These days I'm more into flats, so I need to get more flats actually. THANK HEAVENS for being tall.

Midweek madness, requires a sensible, sensational wardrobe to match. This is what I'd wear today.

Pretty in a peplum

Keep out the chill in class Chanel
My version of a wonderbra!
Golden Brogues ma

Beautiful booties

Silver toe

Living my life like it's golden
The leopard and the nude pair perhaps

Make it through the day with a little Marni

Carry everything in Escada

Call on Chanel

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

i - (need a new) Phone

I'm catching up.

Okay, so well I'm a late bloomer when it comes to these talking instuments thingies. I got my first Blackberry in 2011! Wow I missed the revolution!! Haha! Got it from my Daddy too! He's with it. And alas, as with the RIM share price and all things RIM in general my Blackberry has now plummeted into depths of...well it doesn't even switch on. So I'm now on a borrowed Blackberry (insert tortured faec here). I need a new phone, but I am so terrified to get one.

Calling my new neon craze!

I have a confession. I have been harbouring an i-phone for almost 2 months now. Again my precious Daddy gave it to me too. I am however terrified to use it. I finally, albeit hesitantly opened it this apst Sunday. I'm wondering what's with all the hesitation and what is it really that i-fear about going over to the i-side. Perhaps it's the heavy data charges, yeah, but I think my main fear is that I will drop the damn thing and ruin it. Hi, this is me and I drop phones. All the time!! So perhaps this is what my issue is.

I'm not too sure about this...

So with this in mind, I will need to protect my precious phone (once it comes out of the safety of its box). It needs to be protected and pretty however.So I looked to a few designers for some i-inspiration.

A lady needs a little Lanvin
Lanvin for the ladies

This is Lanvin for the lads, but I want it too

Marc Jacobs maybe?

Harr Lagerfeld perhaps?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Do I have to?

I'm terrible at doing things I don't want to do. Increasingly so. Am I stubborn or obstinant?! Not really. I don't do it for the sake of doing it, but it is a matter of doing what I believe in and increasingly doing what works for me and makes me happy. Life is very short my friends, in as much as it is long, I like to say.

So increasingly I am growing tired of doing things that make me not feel right. I went to an amazing talk on Friday, thanks to We Read For You and of course my darling Bails who recommended we go. Great way to start my Friday before a long weekend with a truly great talk, books and Bails. Prof Johan Coetzee was delivering the talk about his book, It's About Time. It sure is. Anyone say "perfect timing."

I'm voraciously making my way through this book at the moment. Bought it at the talk and I think it has a lot I need to process. More than anything, after going through a lot that I've been though lately and this year in total, I think I got a resoundinf nod from the universe, but more importantly from my inner voice, that seems to be so suspiciously quiet sometimes. What these voices seemed to be saying and also giving a virtual back rub, delivering the same message, "you've made the right decision for you!" We all need a little confirmation and affirmation. Mainly just from ourselves in all honesty!

Johan Coetzee signed my book and in it, his message was a simple, "Bless you." Indeedsies! It's that simple.

So as we make our way into a short, but jam packed 4 day week,here in the RS of A, I'm thinking of days gone by, but really I'm looking forward to days to come. The key theme in my life these days has really been, just DECIDE. Found so much peace in deciding! I've been blogging a lot about anxiety this year, but most of that has seemingly lifted,because I made some necessary choices. I choose to be happy and free above all else. Today! No need to delay it.

So while I have put off doing some assignments waay longer than is necessary or wise, these things I actually have to do (anyone willing to let me outsource? ). Sad, but true, but the end is nigh!

Public holidays on a Monday are awesome, the best answer to the Monday blues ever, extended Sunday!Woop woop! I now sitting here troubled by the thoughtof Tuesday.

Enjoy your week my little sparkies. Choose happiness and magic above all else.


Thursday, September 20, 2012


This thing of beauty that is my most recent hand bag discovery! Eeek! Those who know me know. Shoes, well they are foot coverings to me. Clothes, yeah they have their merits and purpose. Jewellery, yes, sparkly and swanky. BUT bags thou art my true wardrobe love!

May I send out a huge big shout out to the crazy, cool, focused, insightful peeps at CELINE who have clearly taken the time to scan my dreams and create this bag of beauty.

I present to you, the item I now covet:

Trapeze in Drummed Calfskin Black
Can I have a deep sigh, a raucous round of applause, standing ovation and just a quiet moment of reflection on this beaut. I love it in more ways than I have words. Afraid to know the price, because how many months or years of saving would it require. WISHLIST, Item 1!

CELINE seems to be on a roll this Fall 2012 collection. Have a look at these other bags that have me saying, "I definitely would."

Classic Medium Flap Bag in Pony Royal Blue

Classic Medium Flap Bag in Pony Emerald

Classic Medium Flap Bag in Spazzolato Calfskin Dark Green

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Real Talk


Monday Munchles

Today, I want to eat. Monday blues are in full effect. I'm 3 fingers into a Kit - Kat at the moment (oh wait,let's just make that 4)!
So thought why not blog about what I'd love to be eating today. Chocolate seems to be high on the list. See what I'd want to be munching on, this Monday...

This alone would be enough.

Apple, beetroot and mint juice.Fresh start to my week.
Where you'll find me.

Carbs, basil,little buffolo mozarella...totes yumsies!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Under Construction

I was redoing my floor, which then became replastering and painting a wall, which then meant painting the entire living room area and then a bit of the kitchen. WHAAAAAT?!! All those of us who've had the "joys" of having to deal with contractors know that it is all a matter of long, deep breaths and even longer spent waiting for things to get done. Loss, frustration, tears, exasperation, disbelief, total inefficiency, mind boggling time delays and just general balls - uppery!
Lovely design inspiration.Loving the framed "5"..maybe I can do this in my housie?!

But we move on and so we do. This is what this has taught me. How to step over all the stuff that no longer resembles it's original form or anything of what it might look like in teh future. So you jump over the gaping hole in your floor, the half muddied wall, you wipe your tears and face the world looking put together, when you've just seen fallen apart.

Made me really think about life lots. Mostly my life at the moment. This is what happens when people rip out a little bit of your floor and then realise once they've done that that they actually do not have the tiles that you liked, that they said they'd had when they started! Really makes one desperately philosophical. You need something to hold onto. It's weird how people tearing up bits of your home, your personal space, really messes with a person to the inner depths of the soul. Well I guess it also depends on how attached you are to your housie I guess. I super lovesies mine. So the gaping hole at my front door, felt like a monstrous personal affront.

Take only what you need!

I guess I took the opportunity, okay truth time, I was jolted into putting a big under construction sign up for my own life. Clearly I've needed a little renovating myself. Unfortunately not of the physical side, but inside, the not so easy part...I think I'm coming out on the other side of this construction side as shiny as my new floor, and as versatile as my new chalkboard painted wall in parts.

As I sit at my desk at work, feeling very light hearted and smiley, looking at the sky trying to decide whether it wants to be blue, dusky, a little grey, speckled with white whisps of cloud, I'm thinking dear sky, why decide. Do what your heart desires and go where your whims take you. We're allowed aren't we?!

So that's what I wish all of you this weekend. Go where you whims take you. Let the Universe take your hand and allow it show you the magic and share it. Enjoy the sunshine and do happy all the way through to the depths of your heart.

T xx

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


What is that? The pitter patter of little tootsies I hear?!

Insert, huge GRIN here! I am so happy! MY FRIEND IS PREGGIES!! Aaah!! That's  all I can say. Well that and I can now say that I shed a little tear or two of joy as I drove to my office this morning. Delightful way to start my day. Yaysies!

I cannot wait! Those who know me, know I love babies, A LOT!! They're my favourite version of people. So now one of my fave friends is having a baby, this works out pretty well for me I'd say. Aunty spoiling is my thingsies!I was sitting across from her wondering why she now has these beautiful, bountiful boobies and her hair is all shiny, my my, what a wonderful mad scientist God is, making little people and letting them grow in mommy's tummy. Loving it!

Best news of  the day, so thought I'd just share the joy.

True story

Have an awesome one, and to my lovely preggies friend (you know who you are), CONGRATULATIONS!! This is going to be awesome!

Here's to a wonderful adventure.
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