Sunday, September 30, 2012

See you September

Perhaps the way I want them too...
Oh my word. Generally my favourite month of the year is on its last legs as I write this. WOW! What a month! While my cupboards remain yet un-spring cleaned, the inner recesses and chambers of my heart and life, have all been opened up and had the contents thrown out onto the metaphorical floor, where I couldn't even jump over them repeatedly (fear of tripping). Face them! That was the only option. What fun?! (really?! not really) I came face to face with myself! Eek, but awesome in the end.

Had I known, I might have gone for this option.

As we make our way into a new month, one I've never really paid much mind, except it for some special birthdays now, I don't know what to expect. Except that I better make some serious headway with my physical spring clean, make room for the new or readjusted.

September taught me the following;

1. Trust yourself
2. You is Kind
3. You is Smart
6. Be open
7. Accept the help. It does not mean you failed, it just means you're wise enough to know you're not strong enough right now and that is not a bad thing
8. Let go...
9. Let good things happen to you
10. BELIEVE you deserve them
11. LAUGH OUT LOUD - late into the evening
12. Stay up chatting about your dreams into the wee hours of the morning on a school night :)
13. Talk about how you're feeling, deep down into the wee parts of your soul
14. Magic is everywhere, especially when you're not looking for it
15. Life is happening
16. Work hard
17. Stay up late and get it done
18. I need colour in my life
19. I am good at a few things (perhaps too many and I can pare it down a bit, but we'll get there)
20.The time is NOW!
21. Thank you GOD.

So clear the clutter, feel the fear, ditch the anxiety and always always, expect magic!

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