Wednesday, January 19, 2011

two tone and made with love.

had to snap this quick sunday dinner,rustled up from leftovers and some fresh goat's cheese of course. we put it down on the table and standing above it it we realised it was picture perfect. So whip out the Iphone to capture the culinary picture perfection!the glimpse of cute shoes also makes it so lovely. lucky snapshots,capture happy moments.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wishful wearing

In my head this is what I'm wearing today. Need I say more, sumptuous, saturday, subtle, sultry, PERFECTION!
Having a gorgeous day, because in my head, this is what I'm wearing. and WORKING IT!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snapped shot

It's almost 8 months since my beloved camera was stolen andI'm not over it! Can't really cope without it and worst still I cannot afford to buy a new one. Not that any new camera would replace the irreplacable shots of the boys' first haircuts. The lady on the diving board sculpture at Nirox...Dad's smile captured for posterity!

I miss capturing moments on that particular camera, it was my favourite, my first I'd bought with my own savings.And now to start from scratch. Saving...

Oh well it wasn't meant to be. Onto the next one.

New year and hopefully new cameraS! Ha ha.I keep staring at this wonderful old Nikon F3 analogue camera, loaned to me by a most accomplished photographer. It's gorgeous and I'm sure a treat to shot on, but it really plays at my insecurities!I have NO CLUE what I'm doing and worse still for those of us now caught in this age of instant photographic gratification, I don't know how good or bad the shot is, because I cannot press playback! That special little square with the sideways facing triangle doesn't come to my rescue. It can't! I have to trudge all the way to Foto First to learn of the spoilt spool! Eek!

Well let me be thankful for those photographic memories, now I have to make new ones!It's that simple! Capture more smiles and mishaps, mishapen beauty and plain, God sent beautiful boys!

It's a new year! Living it in search of new moments and capturing them.
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