Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Feel it and follow your dreams anyway.

Thinking about being 5 years old and what I wanted to be when I grew, well a private investigator for one, but how dreams change as we grow up and life teaches us many a lesson.

My dearest Bailey left me last week Tuesday and while I am so sad that I won't get to look at her lovely face across the desk and share chuckles (the Woolies kind and the good old giggle kind), I am so happy for her, that she has gone off and conquered her fear and chosen happiness, growth and living.
Tomorrow is the 1 December,another year comes to an end and by happens chance I am taking stock of my life over the past year. Wow, it's sped past, but also seemed to move at a steady pace all at the same time and I've gotten a lot done. Okay maybe quite a bit done.

While my Bails and I may no longer work together, her leaving the place where our friendship began, by no means, means the end of this friendship. This lovely, gorgeous, kind, sincere, so glamorous girl, is the kind of friend you dream of. Because let's face it, girl peeps can be pretty scary! Well to me at least. So this will be a greater new part of our friendship following our dreams both together (um..maybe we should get serious about that business) and separately.

While others might be dreaming of a white Christmas, I have dreams of white paper, sprinkled with the word contract of employment from my new job (don't have one yet,but putting it there for suresies!) Got an interesting call today, which made me really think. Don't hold yourself missy, you might not even know how deep your dreams really are.
If we say nothing else...

So as we reach the end of what was a great year, let us send out a big THANK YOU, to all those who've been part of it and those who have ceased to be part of it.

So let's go out there and follow our dreams, however big or small and embrace them as they change. Also try and make sure you have pockets, because I think you always need to take that fear and put it somewhere when it gets in the way. Really we are not machines, fear gives us the edge, we need a little.

But dreams trump everything and they should be followed with all our hearts!

Dream big, dream small, just get a little dreaming in everyday please!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Little lunch

The french word for breakfast is le petit dejeuner. Which when directly translated means "little lunch." Mm maybe for the french, but for me and some of those I know it's a pretty fair lunch. I'd often rather have a great breakfast than lunch...Something about big breakfasts, late breakfast with your nearest and dearest in the sunshine, fruit filled and laughter filled and the nibbling goes on way past lunch actually.It says no rush, it says no commitment, it says leisure and absolute pleasure. That's what great breakfasts are made of.

Keeping it scrumptiously healthy.Loving the bowl and spoon too.
Such an important meal they made a whole movie about it!
Let's sit around the table.
Presentation is key. Yum!
Always a good time for asparagus.
Breakfast nook for 2
Keeping it literal.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

love notes...

This is the picture that started it all.An intimate moment between Marilyn Monroe and JFK. Stolen moments perhaps, but the emotion is tangible through the screen.Also so tangibly sad too.Maybe that's the overarching emotion.Is it love?!Maybe for them, yes, many buts...

But she did know a lot about the little things that matter...
One of the best known love affairs of the 21st century.Don't know if my heart could take all this too and fro.Too BIG on the heartbreak this Mr Big.

Looking for some meaning to this love thing, let us ruminate on a little Rumi perhaps...

Does he love you, you wanna know..well the answer could maybe just be in his kiss...

And a lot of laughter..As Albie Sachs once said to me so beautifully, "It is so important to have many different interests in your lives, but the one thing you must share is a sense of humour."
wow!Gotta love the good Dr!
Love is definitely a sense of  almost infinite protection almost. That "I'm safe in your arms or when you're near" feeling.

Also a little playful, childlike funsies is necessary.

Nothing says love like a forehead kiss. It is special forever.

Love is magic, bliss caught in those little intimate moments shared and memories treasured. You can't explain it, it's a feeling and a verb.

Mr Darcy...need we say more?!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Coming to terms with my...fatness

Ooh what a way to start a Monday. But really after a weekend of great eating plan derailment, I feel it's time to write this long overdue post.

I am by no means a weight watcher. I have never and will never own a scale.The use of those things is lost on me in a serious way.

But my fitness is of primary importance to me and boy have I lost that plot. But getting back onto the much loved exercise horse again.

My body loves exercise, without it, it suffers.No wait, without it, it makes me FAT! Fatter than I like to be. The truth is I'm off gym. Used to be a HECTIC gym bunny!

But after taking faar too long a break off gym, I just don't have that thing I used to have that made me go there sometimes twice a day 6 times a week. My my, where is that commitment.I was a machine.

Now I've discovered different ways to get my pulse rate up. It used to just be walking my fat ass up the stairs, but I think we've graduated from that now. I've gone back to boxing, which I used to love.Often wonder why I put myself through SUCH torture, but secretly it makes me feel good and I really can picture my targets so well and it's so soothing.

A little yoga always goes a long way.

But it was in boxing that I realised that my weight gain had got out of hand.I could not lift myself up for a push up of hold myself up whilst in plank?!What is that. I'm too heavy, not too sexy, for myself!Eek!

So I had to fix this problem asap!Decided to get onto it! So upping the ante.Diet was never really my problem.
A little extra motivation is never a bad thing.

But somehow my body needs to burn all the food it gets.So all I'm saying to this fat that thought it could live here is burn baby burn!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Living it up

What a week! Gotta love my life at the best of times. I've really felt the universe/stars aligning with my deepest desires.I am not sitting idly by though and waiting.

Living is not a spectator sport, neither is dream chasing, so I'm running a little ahead of the universe and letting it lag behind, because frankly speaking, some of my dreams come with a hefty wishlist.

I had a euphoric Wednesday night, well more into the early hours of Thursday morning.It's been a while since this little granny had a little razzle.This was by no means a full on razzle dazzle, I wasn't even wearing a dress.But I had such fun out with a friend that reminded me just how awesome the people I've met, especially this year, are and how my life is not boring at all. So thank you for the drinks, the laughs , the fun times.And as for the swim, well...Shut up your face!

Life is very short my friends.I get reminded every day how special it is and how many special people I am lucky to have in my life, even if we don't see or talk every day. So many new people who have made my life so amazing and I feel like I've known them forever and to the old people that I've  let go, thank you for leaving quietly and making life that much more festive.

Not a bad thing, but some things really do need to be left behind.Can't pack everything on our journey.You really won't use every outfit!And can you shop along the way if your life suitcase is already full?!

May the weekend be filled with awesomeness and moments as magical, well... as you can't even imagine.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tasty Tuesday

Love this decor. Tribeca Standard in Pretoria nogal!

So while studying really should be my standard position today, time out to live is necessary.And so I blog. Mm and thinking about food, as I do, but thanks to WANTED I may have stumbled on a new reason to ride the G-Train. There's apparently a great new place to eat in the P.T.A. Apparently there are many great places to eat in P.T.A, it's just way to far to drive and well, we're just lazy and don't know where to go.

Looks like a station.

Lucky for me, my sister lives there, so I'm going to hop my hiney onto the train, she'll fetch me from Hatfield station and we'll take it from there(She doesn't know about this yet, but she will..teehee). Apparently their burgers are to die for at the Tribeca Standard, as are their chocolate martini's apparently. Definitely a place for Miss Jozi Foodie to check out perhaps?! Does P.T.A count as Jozi?!
Looks rather large.I prefer my restaurants a little more intimate,but let's try.

Need a new space to eat.Can taste the food in most Joburg restaurants before I walk in.Not a bad thing, but means I'm over it. Need my food served with a side of adventure.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday musings

I wrote an exam today, that was so awful, my blood sugar dropped. I was wearing a jersey in 32 degree Joburg blazing summer and I was shaking. It was one of those gut wrenchingly awful exams that just mess with you to your core and make you doubt life and believe that it really isn't fair! But I'm letting that go.

Despite the exam and the multitude of things that filled my day today, I woke up at 5:30am, happy and smiling. I was waking up to study and submit and article, but I was giggling like a happy baby, why? !Because I didn't have to go into that place, otherwise known as my place of work! That is NOT a good thing. Just saying! Would rather be abused by sinister lecturers, writing their demonic exams, than set foot near my place of work!Guess the next steps are clear...#justsaying

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Let go and let flow

Really, that's what it's about. Holding back tears never served anyone.Maybe that is where I should take my cue from babies that I love so much.

If it doesn't work, doesn't make you happy, if you're hungry, annoyed, tired, don't know how to explain it feeling, just cry!Seems to make them feel better. I should try it.

Here's to letting go and letting flow.

The feelings, whatever they may be and the tears, because I really doubt it's healthy to keep them stored up for too long.

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