Monday, February 29, 2016

You give me... Fev..rier!

An IMPORTANT little reminder

Yikes! My first offical month of the year is over! Woop woop! Well I can celebrate at the end of today. I have so much to do, before I bid Feb good buy, but still it will all be done and done well and I will rest and wake up and start my new month with some yoga ;)

Beautiful bloglets. Have a wonderful Monday. I'm hoping I can start a new practice for myself from today. Just to focus on the gift that is today and not worry to much about what is to come tomorrow or fret about what has happened in the past... It will surely take more practice on some days more than others.

Love and light to your heartlets.

Take a giant leap of faith, greatness and gratitude today.


Friday, February 26, 2016


Looking at the weekend like ...

Hello you love face!!!!

So awesome to get here! Ooh what a week! Loved it though..even the tough bits. What a start to the year it's been! Work work, little fun, but everyday I've been living! I am so thankful. It's so precious.

Looking forward to getting through a truck load of work this weekend, as well as a kiddies birthday party,  my friends are hosting an awesome food affair tomorrow at their house and the menu looks delish! Excited to mission around my city and see some of my favourite people. So excited! Also excited to be in my houselet a little and look at moving a little furniture and where I want to hang some pictures. Everyday in your house, is a chance to redecorate, I say ;)

Need March to find me prepared! WHOOP!!

Here is my reading (and watching) list for the weekend:

I finally went to The Potluck Club and it was beyond my wildest dreams delicious! still enjoying the memories of my food experience there! Yummmmm!
Workout with wine = you get to drink when done ;)
We really need to get on top of sex ed here in SA, for people in their 30's too. Been having some deeply concerning conversations with peers. If we use this stuff, we better know how it works and what the risks are! Come on people!!

Happiness in your heart for this weekend and beyond!


Monday, February 22, 2016


I wish I could lie down here

Rest is needed! I'm up way later than I planned to be, but I'm here now and I wanted to blog before bed.

My really good friend is now a Mama for the first time. There is no sweeter news than this today.

February is on the way out. What an interesting, full month which had me a little boulversé! There I said it.

I'm going to have the sweetest dreams of fresh faced little sweet newborn baby cheeks. Lucky me, to have friends having babies. I really feel so clear that I'm not there yet though.

Truth be told.

May your week be filled with little surprised of the spectacular.


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hello life

Peonies & Papers

Wednesday!!hey! This week is blitzing pass. Love that! I need a break after all the work I still have to get through.

May today not be a hump, but rather the crest of the wave of your week! Ride it high lovelies!


Saturday, February 13, 2016

Happy weekend

Wow! It's the weekend. Hello you beauty!!

Weekends are for trying out new brunch ideas like eggs with parsnips..

Wow! The weekend is here! Hello you beauty.

Valentine's day.. schmay! The day that gave me the most incredible losers complex when I was younger. While you looked ridiculous when saying you don't like the day as a teenager and even now as an adult, I feel pretty lame for saying I'm not into Valentine's day! *hangs head*

The weather is beautiful. I had THE ultimate single life indulgence last night. I fell asleep on the couch and that is literally where I slept for the rest of the night. I had SUCH an amazing sleep. My bed was untouched. Awesome socks!! Is this a sign that I'm heading out of this phase of my life?

I must say I have and am experiencing an inexplicable hesitation of not being single anymore. It's interesting honestly. I have marked this year, as my year of dating. Going out on dates and getting to know people, but now I'm getting rather tense that this = leaving behind my single/solo phase of life. So odd. It's an interesting struggle at the moment for me... Will chat about it later...

Have a beautiful weekend.Spend time with those you love beautifuls.


Here are a few reads for the weekend for you, from me...

For Lent, amongst other things I've given up complaining
Little crush on Alice Gao 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

hump day


hello life!! It's my favourite person's birthday today. My love of a nephew turns 11 today and I do not know how that happened! I am nowhere near ready! 12 is next, which means teens are around the corner?! How?! Not ready, so I'm just going to enjoy every moment of who he is and the age he is now.

The other day I dreamt I was pregnant with twins. Wonder what that means?! *researches, dreaming of twins*..okay googled it and freaked myself out more! I am NOT pregnant by the way!

This is my week for reading lists it seems. I came across these great reads and had to share them. I find myself at that decision precipe at the beginning of the year already. Rather now I say, so that I can just get on with it from here on out.

Have a read...

Monday, February 1, 2016

Rock out with your tutu out!

Grabbing inspiration from this look. {source}
Hello February. I do love this month, I must be honest! My favourite little person in the world was born in February and I think it has made me love it even more! Also the month where I met my most astoundingly amazing greatest friend ever! She also put me onto the idea, that the year starts out in February in earnest. So HAPPY NEW YEAR!
I remember varsity used to start in Feb as well, which was always exciting back in the day.

I'm particularly keen on this Feb. Today! For so many reasons and none in particular, all at the same time. Grateful to be alive! That is for sure. Feeling a lot  of enthusiasm lately and perhaps it stems from getting an inversion right in yoga this morning the first time round. They usually scare me, those inversions, but I decided fear was not going to stand in my way.

Hope a day of greatness is being had wherever you are!

Here is a wee reading list to start your week off...

A singular shrub  is my spirit house plant..What's yours?
This is how I'll be styling my shirts

ps: I love this year so far. First it starts on a Friday. Then a new month starts on a Monday. 2016, I love how you're so organised ;) 

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