Happy weekend

Wow! It's the weekend. Hello you beauty!!

Weekends are for trying out new brunch ideas like eggs with parsnips..

Wow! The weekend is here! Hello you beauty.

Valentine's day.. schmay! The day that gave me the most incredible losers complex when I was younger. While you looked ridiculous when saying you don't like the day as a teenager and even now as an adult, I feel pretty lame for saying I'm not into Valentine's day! *hangs head*

The weather is beautiful. I had THE ultimate single life indulgence last night. I fell asleep on the couch and that is literally where I slept for the rest of the night. I had SUCH an amazing sleep. My bed was untouched. Awesome socks!! Is this a sign that I'm heading out of this phase of my life?

I must say I have and am experiencing an inexplicable hesitation of not being single anymore. It's interesting honestly. I have marked this year, as my year of dating. Going out on dates and getting to know people, but now I'm getting rather tense that this = leaving behind my single/solo phase of life. So odd. It's an interesting struggle at the moment for me... Will chat about it later...

Have a beautiful weekend.Spend time with those you love beautifuls.


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