Friday.. hey!

Come on darling, let's go be adventurers! {source}

I've been saying , lately, over and over in my head, "beware the ides of March". Interesting, perhaps that's why they came in strong perhaps. What a week and actually, what a month it has been so far! Lessons upon lessons, which is not a bad thing actually. Greatest lesson, be gentle with myself. Why is it so hard to listen to my precious body and my heart.

I am exhausted. My tired is tired. So let me see what I plan to do about that. Get all my work done, so I can put my little tootsies up.Ooh and hopefully get another little massage for my tootsies.

Here is my little reading list for you lovelies...

I will be washing my pillows and putting them in the sun
I need to get my headspace right
Calm is needed
This cord is beautiful 
My crush is forever on Margaret Zhang

Be adventurers lovelies.



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