Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday! Not yay, just yet!

Horsing around

It's Friday! Deep down inside I am SO excited! Though the thought of 3 hours of lectures tonight and a full day lost tomorrow, are not my idea of funsies! (insert very sad face here)

This year is speeding past. I cannot believe, I have just over a week   until my birthday! Eek!

Where did this year go? Blitz by much.

I need this weekend, but I really won't have one for the next 2 weekends really. Exams are on their way! EEK!!
Follow this instruction!

Wishing you all a weekend filled with lashings of laziness and random rumblings of awesome!

I'm waylaying my dread and daydreaming instead of what I'd like to eat for breakfast over the weekend. Isn't that what weekends are for, breakfasting at leisure..mmm

Fancy schmancy eggs benedict canapes. Yes please!
Nothing says lazy and leisurely like fresh croissant, coffee and the newspaper.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Monday mode

Make a statement!

Monday blues set in from Sunday morning or even Saturday night, the dread starts sinking in. Today I had the brainwave that to get through Monday, I'm going to have to up my mode (french for fashion). Cute clothes are going to make the blues more bearable,I'm thinking.

I think outrageously amazing outfits should be worn on a Monday to chase those blues away!

These have made it to my Monday mode shortlist:

Spring is around the corner.Leather shorts,white tee, simple and fuss free!

Lace, gold and a snazzy Tee

Sequins!Yes please! Great for some Monday enthusiasm with a comfy sweater

Horsing around with some great navy chinos, because hard work is not in order on a Monday.

This is my top pick! Hide my Monday blues under this brim.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Thoughts on a Friday

Relaxed Friday chilled wardrobe...Desired duds and a big bag for my baggage

What can I say about my life these days. I can sum it up in a few words, Life has been full.

My head has been full, my heart too has been full and there has been lots of wondering about life, love and everything and sometimes everyone else.
Interesting observation Mr Einstein

For a routine lover such as myself, this year speeding by so fast has really just unsettled me a little. This had me thinking about things that unsettle me that  I've failed to admit to myself or actually just plain avoided.

I'm thinking a lot these days.Actual I've always been a thinker, sometimes to my own detriment.Over thinking = over analyzing = OVERwhelming anxiety! Such is the story of my life.

But how? Is there a fool proof recipe we can follow?

I've been wondering about beginnings and endings. More particularly about the endings. Were they really the end? What does that mean. I think, I am too scared to actually admit that in some cases I may have some unfinished business (*insert *sad, scared, defeated, unsure, anxious, hesitant face here). I came to a startling realisation that in thinking I'd let someone go, all I'd really done was block and feelings towards them out with an inordinate amount of deserved anger and rage. That's not letting go, that's just being hurt and angry. So when does the letting go start? Can it be done? Do I have to do it? Does the period expire? WOW!

Who knows? As yet I don't know,but I guess I'll have to work it out.

Going into the weekend, my head is full, but I know there is stuff I have to work through. Or just relaxing, breathing through it, taking it easy and not getting so bent out of shape.Yep I can say this now, but the reality is different. Truth be told there is some stuff I need to figure out.

So as we go into a beautiful sunny weekend, seeing out the last ends of Jozi winter, I wish you all dear blog readers of mine (the few of you who are so kind to read my ramblings) a wonderful weekend. And whatever troubles or epiphanies you discover, I wish you all the intrepid adventure of FIGURING IT OUT!

I cannot even begin to describe how this just spoke to me.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Yesterday was a big day

So yesterday marked the 2 year of my forray into blogging! Yaysies for me. That and I am officially an employee of my new company! 3 Months in at my new job.On most days it feels like both 3 years and 3 minutes all in one.

This year has just whizzed by, it feels like my birthday count down has just sprung up on me!

But most spectacularly of all yesterday, it snowed! Beautiful, soft, white flakes falling softly onto the streets and trees of Jo -(not so)busy! It seemed to put everyone into this almost magical peaceful trance. There was something so special about seeing snow here in my beautiful city. Call me whimsical or whatever, but I think there's something special and umm maybe even significant about me seeing snow in Joburg exactly 31 years since it last snowed in 1981, the year I was born. Perhaps this means my 31st birthday coming up has good things ahead! A girl can dream!

I should be out celebrating all these major events of yesterday, 7 August 2012! Happy 2nd birthday dear blogsies! Cheers to that! Snow in Jozi and extra special salute to that!

I'm celebrating on the inside and this is what I'm wearing!Sparkling gold like champers!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tra la la

Really.Yep that's the first thing that came to mind when I saw this pin from Bailey...

I take the white tee and maxi skirt, Bails has some seriously hot pins that need to be seen,so it's the dress for her!
Just made me miss my dearest darling Bails and imagine what wonderful adventure we'd be off on in these wonderful duds. All with a mandatory glass of bubbles without a doubt and a chuckle or two.

Great friends, amazing prints, white tees, phones with bunny ears, gold clutches...Simple things that make a girl smile!

Shout out to my homettes!

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