Looking at the weekend like ...

Hello you love face!!!!

So awesome to get here! Ooh what a week! Loved it though..even the tough bits. What a start to the year it's been! Work work, little fun, but everyday I've been living! I am so thankful. It's so precious.

Looking forward to getting through a truck load of work this weekend, as well as a kiddies birthday party,  my friends are hosting an awesome food affair tomorrow at their house and the menu looks delish! Excited to mission around my city and see some of my favourite people. So excited! Also excited to be in my houselet a little and look at moving a little furniture and where I want to hang some pictures. Everyday in your house, is a chance to redecorate, I say ;)

Need March to find me prepared! WHOOP!!

Here is my reading (and watching) list for the weekend:

I finally went to The Potluck Club and it was beyond my wildest dreams delicious! still enjoying the memories of my food experience there! Yummmmm!
Workout with wine = you get to drink when done ;)
We really need to get on top of sex ed here in SA, for people in their 30's too. Been having some deeply concerning conversations with peers. If we use this stuff, we better know how it works and what the risks are! Come on people!!

Happiness in your heart for this weekend and beyond!



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