Rock out with your tutu out!

Grabbing inspiration from this look. {source}
Hello February. I do love this month, I must be honest! My favourite little person in the world was born in February and I think it has made me love it even more! Also the month where I met my most astoundingly amazing greatest friend ever! She also put me onto the idea, that the year starts out in February in earnest. So HAPPY NEW YEAR!
I remember varsity used to start in Feb as well, which was always exciting back in the day.

I'm particularly keen on this Feb. Today! For so many reasons and none in particular, all at the same time. Grateful to be alive! That is for sure. Feeling a lot  of enthusiasm lately and perhaps it stems from getting an inversion right in yoga this morning the first time round. They usually scare me, those inversions, but I decided fear was not going to stand in my way.

Hope a day of greatness is being had wherever you are!

Here is a wee reading list to start your week off...

A singular shrub  is my spirit house plant..What's yours?
This is how I'll be styling my shirts

ps: I love this year so far. First it starts on a Friday. Then a new month starts on a Monday. 2016, I love how you're so organised ;) 



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