Monday, September 24, 2012

Do I have to?

I'm terrible at doing things I don't want to do. Increasingly so. Am I stubborn or obstinant?! Not really. I don't do it for the sake of doing it, but it is a matter of doing what I believe in and increasingly doing what works for me and makes me happy. Life is very short my friends, in as much as it is long, I like to say.

So increasingly I am growing tired of doing things that make me not feel right. I went to an amazing talk on Friday, thanks to We Read For You and of course my darling Bails who recommended we go. Great way to start my Friday before a long weekend with a truly great talk, books and Bails. Prof Johan Coetzee was delivering the talk about his book, It's About Time. It sure is. Anyone say "perfect timing."

I'm voraciously making my way through this book at the moment. Bought it at the talk and I think it has a lot I need to process. More than anything, after going through a lot that I've been though lately and this year in total, I think I got a resoundinf nod from the universe, but more importantly from my inner voice, that seems to be so suspiciously quiet sometimes. What these voices seemed to be saying and also giving a virtual back rub, delivering the same message, "you've made the right decision for you!" We all need a little confirmation and affirmation. Mainly just from ourselves in all honesty!

Johan Coetzee signed my book and in it, his message was a simple, "Bless you." Indeedsies! It's that simple.

So as we make our way into a short, but jam packed 4 day week,here in the RS of A, I'm thinking of days gone by, but really I'm looking forward to days to come. The key theme in my life these days has really been, just DECIDE. Found so much peace in deciding! I've been blogging a lot about anxiety this year, but most of that has seemingly lifted,because I made some necessary choices. I choose to be happy and free above all else. Today! No need to delay it.

So while I have put off doing some assignments waay longer than is necessary or wise, these things I actually have to do (anyone willing to let me outsource? ). Sad, but true, but the end is nigh!

Public holidays on a Monday are awesome, the best answer to the Monday blues ever, extended Sunday!Woop woop! I now sitting here troubled by the thoughtof Tuesday.

Enjoy your week my little sparkies. Choose happiness and magic above all else.


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