Friday, November 29, 2013

It's the weeeekeeend!!!...

Smile! It's Friday!! The highlight of this busy week is how quickly Friday got here. Thank goodness. Counting down till the end of the day, though in all honestly my day here ended a long long time ago.(naughty chortle)

Where I'd like to spend some time this weekend...
Wearing these

While away the weekend;

Get your Christmas shop on here
I plan to watch this movie
I do enjoy this GIRL
I'd love to get my bake on
After travelling, my eating has taken a dip, so planning on prepping these healthy brekkies in advance
Get some rest and then be ready to face the remaining weeks ahead with schutzpah
Order online, sales abound in the US
She's AWESOME. Smart, sassy, styling, self assured and

Have a weekend filled with heart smiles, sparkles, baby cuddles and magic.


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