Janvier! Assez! Bye!

The first month of the year is about to bid us adieu! It zipped past hey, but there were moments where time slowed down and the moment was savoured for just a little longer. So special.

Putting this month away. Not keeping too much, this tab is unlikely to stay open. No hard feelings, but I am learning how to let go and be done with things, no straggling, no holding on to hopes that really are esteemedly far fetched!

I'm doing a warm water fast today. I learnt it on a yoga course a few years ago and I really find it beneficial. I have been uncharacteristically overindulgent this month, and by this I realised that there some feelings that I may have eaten in the form of a jelly baby or a most delicious crinkle cut chip! It's amazing how in doing this we realise how unconsciously we can sometimes eat and how much more you have to listen to yourself when not being distracted by food.

I'm looking forward to getting into my kitchen and getting my cooking on this weekend.

Here is my little reading list of things I loved reading this week and some that just made this month, so much lovelier to me.

To accompany a lazy saturday breakfast, I'm thinking zucchini fritters
What do your unsent messages say?
Do you like eating alone? I do
I plan to see this play


Begin as you wish to continue, but always end with an extra flourish, I say!



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