Easy like Friday Morning

My morning tipple

I woke up this morning for the first time in about 3 weeks, if not more, not feeling groggy or with an achy, cold ridden body.Granted this required the long avoided antibiotics and well a 2 day supply of cortisone too.My doctor and I tried, but this virus was stronger than us both.

It is the weekend. Yes!!!But before that gets under way, I have to do a little of this (okay a lot) and well the latter every day...

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What are you plans for the weekend? I have a work breakfast tomorrow morning? Not so keen on hob knobbing with strangers at 8:30am, but perhaps they may be some enlightening speakers there, so looking forward to that.

Then errands galore. I secretly like errands. Making my way through a jam packed to do list and ticking off, brings me some thrills. Also off in search for fabric to cover some chairs tomorrow, which should be awesome.

Dinner for my wonderful dad's birthday tonight. (Insert huge grin here) Dads are best! Happy birthday again Papa Bear! xxxx

Mm...I'm going through a little bit of a wardrobe crisis at the moment. I just feel like I need a little fun in my duds or maybe, it's because I've been feeling a little like a dud these past few weeks, but here is some wardrobe inspiration!

I would go for the non cropped variety however.
Keeping it simple and a touch styling!
Have cape/coat! Must wear!
Get lots of hugs and cuddles. It's said to be getting cold in these here Jozi parts. Bake something yummy, love those you love, cosy up on the couch, read something random, giggle and guffaw, see beauty, stay beautiful.



  1. Dad's birthday! Fun times. Send my love and so pleased you are all better xxx


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