I had a beautiful weekend. Really lovely weekend.

T is for Twins
This was definitely the highlight of a great week. Bailey's baby shower. SOOO SOOO beautifully put together by her sisters and mom. I have no words to explain the magic, wonderment and just plain oild amazeball-ness! Loved it! I wish I could outsource them one day when I'm lucky enough to have a little bundlet or two hiding in my bump.

Deconstructed cheescake! Aamaze! Bailey's mom's choc biscuits which are my crack!Bailey's sisters baked up a storm!

A is for activities galore!
I had to also pop in an bid adieu to this wonderful exhibition. I think this was the third time I was seeing it, but I had to go and pay my respects. I don't know what it is about Gerard Sekoto, his works and his life story that really speaks to my heart and breaks it a little.

Illustrations from his story book that he wrote and illustrated on display at WAM
I bought the story book for my future children. So excited to read it to them for many beautiful bedtimes.

Then it was off to The Collective for a little, okay biggish dose of shopping  with a very handsome Mr to carry my bags.

Have a magically marvellous week!



  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! And so pleased the shower was a highlight :) (Ps. the sisters and mom said they would be delighted to be outsourced to you).

    I also bought Sekoto's children's book! (Great minds...)

    And sorry I missed the Collective. Next time!!


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