Thursday, August 7, 2014

Two parts

Working on this everyday

I was driving with one of my friends today. Granted she is old enough to be my mother, but we're friends and that's awesome. She is feisty and I really enjoy that and she was talking about how her dad raised her to be strong, but how with life she has gone on and been strong in her will and taken on everything, but then the world looked at her very differenty as a result.

I think as women, actually as people, being strong is important, not physical strength strictly, but strong in person. Mostly let our compass and instinct to do the right thing, no matter what be strong.

A lot of this stuff gets mixed up and lost in various guises like being gendered. Boys are told not to show emotion, because it makes them appear weak. What rubbish and what conflicted, stuck, unexpressive, tall, little boys we are raising. Even as we grow older age wise, parts of us will often remain stunted by that little girl or boy, who did not have the words or emotiona know how to express something that didn't sit right when we were little.

Be strong, be fearless! Be vulnerable, be caring. Your strength should not make another feel weaker. Strength is not force. Know the difference.

Kindness always.


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