Thursday, August 28, 2014


Perfect to wrap myself up in this in this windy weather. From here
I got out of my car earlier and it had got so windy all of a sudden, the wind made me stumble a little. Now who doesn't want to travel with the wind a little, even slightly.

If you've seen the movie Chocolat, you will know that Le Mistral makes the main character want to pack up and move. Not great to be her daughter poor thing. Nomadic life is not for everyone.

Do winds bring change though? Do you believe that?

I got a surprise call from one of my greatest loves this morning. You know when a call comes just at the right time, a gift from the Universe to soothe your soul, a palliative for sure. Some call it serendipty I guess. Love is a wonderful thing. Besides anything else, it takes something as simple as a call to remind you how much you are loved and how much you love. A great little reminder.
Also reminds me of that Jamie Foxx song, Love brings change.

I think we all have our own little story and there are areas that we need winds of change to perhaps blow through. Having done yoga for over a decade, oxygen is key and breathing.

Take a deep breath and be awesome.


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