Wednesday, July 10, 2013

hello today!

Lately I've been in the mood for enhancements. Not on the cosmetic or surgery side, but on the making my life better side. From the inside out.

I've been trying to create new rituals, commitments, habits. So far, they're making me feel rather delightful. Whether it's going to yoga at least once a week or trying to fit in as much activity into my day or making sure my meals are as balanced as possible.(living by yourself,sometimes this falls away).

Also I'm trying another ritual, that everyday, I try and procrastinate a little less. One thing at a time. I've moved away from writing to do lists for now, because I find they stress me out and make me do less. (strange, but so true for me) I try and fit in all that I have to do and can possibly do in a day or in the time I have allocated in the day. Frankly, because I can and the terrible habit of thinking that I have time, is just a very dangerous one, because right now is possibly the only time I have. And if the plan is to be amazing and to take over the world with awesome, where will I be able to do that with all this backlog of procrastinated BS?!

Another ritual I am trying is to every morning, wake up a little earlier and to do something, even one little thing that I like/enjoy before I get ready to work and worry for the day. Today I baked a pear for breakfast with cinnamon and vanilla extract. And I sat down to blog. Lovely start to my day. These are my little luxuries, that's what these rituals are. How luxurious a feeling to stay in one's pyjamas a little longer in the morning, before you face the world in corporate armour.

What rituals are you thinking of starting? What little luxuries will you fill your life with today?

Make it awesome.


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  1. ooh that pear sounds delish! what a lovely morning ritual x


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