Friday, July 5, 2013

Spring state of mind

It's exactly 2 more months until my birthday! Wow! This year sure has gone on a little fast paced trip of its own time wise. By then I will be an honorary aunt to 1 month old twinlets. (insert huge proud aunyt grin here).

Bend yourself straight...

I was up at 4:15am this morning. Heaven only knows why, but I thought I might as well get up and off to an early morning, pre dawn, still in darkness, yoga class. My spine and soul needed a little yoga type spring cleaning. There's been some yucky stuff going on that's clogged my happiness and open soul arteries lately and I needed to bend it out.

I want to be like her at 70. Twyla Tharp

Also got me ready for spring. When today it feels like, gorgeous Jozi, has decided to finally descend into the depths of winter. It sure is icy this morning. EEK! Bring out the scarves and gloves! Stay bundled and warm. Cuddle, cuddle, cuddle if you can.

Spring is not just a season, for me it's a way of being. I choose anytime to be the spring of my life. I need to constantly reassess where I am, mind, body and soul. See what interests me and lately more and more, I feel like I need colour! More and more....I keep leaning towards bolder colours and graphics. That's where I'm at I guess.

It's the weekend...well almost...I want to start it out with a yummy breakfast of freshly squeezed juice and Warrior Porridge. From warrior pose to warrior porridge (Oh yes I did!)

Put your feet up in style

Wishing you stay warm for those of you experiencing winter down south. Enjoy the summer time up there notherners.

Everyone have a beautiful weekend.


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