Wednesday, February 4, 2015


It's me, I'm looking for too.

Happy Wednesday bloglets!! So much has happened in my life between Saturday and today. I was spent by Sunday afternoon, but still we work like crazy and plod on and hold back the tears or lie on our close friends couches and sob on a sunny Monday afternoon. Blessed are the boys who let us cry and just let us be the fragile girls that we are, once we take off the warrior suit every once in a while.

I watched the movie, You're Not You on Monday afternoon, after a loooong day.I use the term "watched" loosely, as I was crying then sobbing from quit early on. Loved the sunshine on Monday, I got the most beautiful surprise flowers in the morning which were beyond beautiful and special!

Hilary Swank's (my love for her I'll have to blog about on another day), dropped some pretty poignant gems in that movie, one was, "Be with someone who sees you." Umm, do that peeps, not someone who makes you want to be what they see. That's not you silly!

Don't give up. Life and love are awesome. She said this about giving up, which made me sit up, "That's the thing about giving up, you never realise you've done it, until it's too late."

I'm still undecided about whether it can be too late, but don't give up. Kanye said, "giving up is way harder than trying."

I've been feeling like a snake in need of a good shedding of my skin and while Eskom and the blackouts are helping on the electricity front, I'm talking about myself. Just a little hihi :)

Today I even blowdried my hair! No way, my hairdresser did it!! I said to her when she was styling it, I want my hair to match my personality. Tall ask right? Or is it? I usually wear my hair naturally curly, but I just felt like looking at something different. Lucky that I can play!

Have a great one people!! Don't let people who don't care for you change who you are! Learn that lesson well.

Enjoy the special moments and even more the special people in your life. Let us enjoy and love and LIVE with the people we love while they are still alive and not rally around deathbeds wishing!


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