Monday, February 2, 2015

'Février' looks like fever at first glance

"Always be kinder than necessary."

I've just been given a bunch of flowers from the kindest people at the coffee shop/place of plain awesome that I hang out in for the best coffee ever and the greatest wifi. Literally almost burst into tears, the feeling just melted my little little heart. So unexpected, so special. 

These little gestures, MATTER so much. People, we never know when we're making someone's day. Let's try do that as often as possible.

I've been extrememely fortunate in the past week, I've been having the most awesome experiences. I also a little niggling feeling that perhaps these wonderful things happen to me all the time, but now I may just be more aware. I think I like it.

Shortest month of the year! Blessed with so many special days. My little and one of my biggest loves was born in this month and well my life has never been the same again! Shortest month of the year and my bestie and my work year, really starts now and it's our bestie-vesary! All great things need to be celebrated! :)

Have a beautiful month. Ever since I started speaking French, decades ago, quite literally, I've always made interesting word associations or little rhymes for myself. Actually I do it in most of the languages I speak. So Février (February) I linked with 'fever' since then. Aren't words so beautiful.

We can paint pictures with them too. Make the a masterpiece, not a weapon of mass destruction.

May you approach this Février with fervour.


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