Tuesday - Wear comfortable shoes

Air Max on Everything!!
Tuesday!! You're not that great to me sometimes. #justsaying Stop it now! #ByeFelicia

Most people dread Mondays, I kind like Mondays. Tuesdays, loom over me a little, I get the Monday blues on Monday night, because Tuesday's coming.

Anyhoo, I think I should only wear AirMax on a Tuesday, because what can ruin your day wheny you're walking on Airs!

Also when life throws its curve missiles your way, you really don't want to add uncomfortable shoes to your list of woes.

There is one thing I really love about Tuesdays though...It reminds me that not every day can be plain old fantastic and also it reminds me weekly, that it does not last. Gotta keep it moving kids.

What's your Tuesday?


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