Hello Weekend

Perhaps I'll layer for summer like a New Yorker
The weekend is upon us. I didn't let a little laryngitis stop me from getting back on the horse! Quite literally! Nature really is the best healer! I've literally had back to back full weekends for the past few months and quite frankly, I think literally my people overload took my voice away! Thank you Mother Nature ;)

So a little R&R this weekend with my favourite hearts. Got a string of cousin catch ups planned, which are always a delight, but you know I think lying prostrate much will also be a popular activity, that requires zero speaking...

So much I'm so keen to check, have a look at my little reads for the weekend;

I plan to breastfeed at work too and please may the day come when it's not headline news
Catch a little lunch at Nineteen (worried the drive there may take as long ;)
Céline earrings  have me wanting to change my look a little

Have a marvellous weekend



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