"Happy girls are the prettiest girls"
They always say, trust in timing. Damn oh damn, but that faith is a toughie, especially when life is being particularly challenging. Let's just say timing and I have some trust issues. In God we trust. Without a doubt. My favourite line timing saying is God has perfect timing.

I'm sneezing up a storm as pollen graces us by the air load, as spring delicately tips her toes into the Southern Hemisphere, sussing out if she's ready to roll.

Friday is here, I'm excited and hesitant. There is more studying to be done this weekend, okay a lot of studying amongst other things. Quality time with my loved ones, planning and organising and and... Well living. Oh and maybe I can sleep too.

It's been a while since I've put together a reading list, I've bookmarked these and absolutely had to share..

"Why are you still carrying her?" - best wisdom is always in kiddies books
Staying focused - this really is simple and really worked for me
I plan to try this on Sunday

Give today all you've got! Tomorrow...well be in that tomorrow.



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