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I was up at 3am this morning, haunted by work I've put off unreasonably long, considering it is not all that complex, 1, and 2, it's so I can get paid.

I am totally a morning person. So much more productive and practical and less prone to distraction! Good times for me all around. I also have my best dance moves at this time of day too. 

It's just dawned on my what I love a lot about mornings and early mornings more especially, that inherent sense of anticipation. There is so much wonder just ensconced in these early hours, before whole word awake. An almost holding of nature's breath and a wonderful Universal slow exhale, before the hurried, breathing of the hustle of the day really comes into effect.

May the magic of the morning linger long into your day.



  1. I admired those who has able to create a blog as wonderful as this! You are truly a hard working person. Keep up the good work and keep on posting.


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