Weekend Wonder

Wishing you a weekend filled with wonder and the wonderful. These peonies made me so happy to look at.
My weekend is full of a lot of different and wonderful things. In that there is time with my favourite people.
Also Mothers' Day. Should be a treat and so extra special since my close friend became a Mama. She and her babes really are a delight to see. Warms my heart and lights up my life, always!

Here are some lovely links to read this weekend:

I think DIY is so extra special as a gift
As a friend to Mamas, I always like to find ideas that get us together, but don't involve going out as such
No gender specs required here. All equal
There are probably more than 12 and that's awesome. Can you think of more?
What will your FUTURE SELF thank you for? Take a step towards it today!
Living life on purpose is really the plan

Happy weekend beauties




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