It's the weekend!!!!!


Hello Friday! So glad we're here! Nice to see you! Full week I've had I must say. Full of all sorts of life and living! WOW! We're here now and that's great!

Why are weekends just so full of the sense of opportunity and more wonder that say..a Monday or Tuesday? I don't think I have plans for this weekend or maybe I do and I've forgot hihi...

Let me get through Friday first and then well.. onto the next day..

Some stuff I happened across this week:

I had an incredible dining experience at LDRS on Tuesday! Food is delicious, waiters are delightful and the decor is vicious!! Excited to finally experience LDR in Joburg!
Best Food City in the World is a 2 hour flight away! Yay CT!
Gold studs or sometimes diamonds are my go to, but I'm thinking of taking the hoop
Break out novels perfect for snuggling in weather

Don't take anything for granted. 

Gratitude always.



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