It's today! Yay!


Don't wait for Friday! Do it now! Be excited for everyday and go for it! I need to apply this to Tuesdays in particular! When working for yourself, everyday really is a work day and it is important tor emind ourselves to rest. I wish today could be my rest day, but I have a lot due, so work I must. It is how I will eat and pay bills. You know the basics of adulting ;)

I realised earlier that I was stressing out because next week is June and it marks the half way point of this wonderful year so far. Um, hello moi. You have deadlines for today. How about we do that first. one at a time!!?

So Mercury was in retrograde this May, which explains a lot. Not to get all woo woo, but this full moon this past weekend was a real energy shifter. Did you feel it?

Weekend ahead, I would love snuggles and a good book. Any recommendations? I mean this is in between all the work I have to do before this month ends!

Here is a wee little reading list for you:

"Fall in love with your life. Every wonderful, testing minute of it."



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