Keep your standards on pointe!

It's me! I'm so grateful that it's Friday, I could just jump up and scream. It's no secret, that this week has been trying in my life, but we live to see another weekend! Hello from Friday side.

I've let a lot of things get to me this week. Yes I'm human. Welcome to that part of myself! One of Don Miguel Ruiz's 4 Agreements says, "Don't take anything personally." This person caught a lot of personal feels this week. It was most draining and most unnecessary and I promise me, I'll do better today.

Now a full weeekend to look forward, but first we make great work of Friday and then we see from there.

Here is my wee reading list for you:

Will this week's eclipse come with someMarch Madness?
Health is really tops of my wealth agenda!
Keeping fit in this gear may make it even more fun!
I would really like to update my kitchen
Have a beautiful weekend love beans.


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