Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday Mornings


How spectacular this time of day is for me. Early mornings are my fave, but this Monday morning, I woke up and I wanted to bake. So I'll get a little of that done before I head to the office, while I sip my lemon water and switch on the dishwasher full of the weekends dishes and special memories of meals shared with some of the lovely people in my life.

This past weekend was a scorcher, thanks to the heat wave that heat Joburg this weekend. Looking forward to summer and wondering if we'll just spend all that time in the pool and even be able to function. actually I function super well in the heat. I do enjoy this French girl's  guide to summer.

Monday wardobe inspiration from her as well, I certainly will be wearing a navy blazer, though I do desire this one. That gold button eek!!

Enjoy your morning. Savour that coffee, really taste your breakfast, feel that extra special crispness in the air. It's just life greeting you in the best way it knows how.

Have a beautiful Monday. Enjoy the week!


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