Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wednesday wonderings

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You know, making the decision to quit formal employment and realy explore my curiousities as it were, was both brave and crazy, all at once. The one thing noone tells you though, is just how much money it costs firstly, but the other costs are mentioned even less.

This morning, doing my internet reading, I came across this incredible article on Refinery 29 on "This is what DEBT looks like."
I am and was always wise with money, since I was a kid, I was a saver, always liked to keep my money and watch it grow. Thank goodness for that. I always had money. I also do love a good budget and sticking to it. I generally come back with money from my travels even.

So imagine my intense internal rattling when I branched out on my and the money started to diminish at a prodigious rate! People don't pay on time and that my friends affects budgets. We shan't even count the ones who think paying consultants is purely optional. I don't know many people who enjoy asking for their money and I think I may enjoy it even less, but I have had to get pretty strict now.

I am also terrible at using other people's money. Always been about making my own money and also sticking to my own decisions. Stubborn perhaps, but it's always been important to me.

Money matters matter! I've learnt this. It's a question of stability and also helps you realise what you cherish in life. Money pays the bills yes and let's us buy great groceries, a lack of it brings a lot of perspective.

Lack of money though does not equal lack of me. Clients pay, life carries on and the money comes.  Don't let lack or abundance of money change who you are though. Pay your bills too. It's important.

Stay curious ;)


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  1. Very well said there - money does allow us the comfort of a nice kind of life; perhaps even a nice quality of life - but the abundance or lack thereof should not change who we are - or how we treat others. It takes courage to do what you have done, and I'm sure lessons learnt along the way... lets always stay curious xx


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