Monday, September 21, 2015

Here we go!!

If there was a day when I was less ready to adult than today, but here I am, somewhere between shoulder spasm and toddler sensory overload outburst.

I dressed up though (my socks are sparkly) and I'm showing up.(worry not, still looking for an exit option(old habits die super hard!!!!))

I was looking forward to today, I still am, but as the day approached, so did the terror and fear of having to show up and be me and be fully there. All of me or even a lot of me, is a lot to give. I do it with so few and have successfully avoided it for so long and also not to forget, getting away with it! Now it seems my time is up and while there is some fear, I am a little relieved.

Let's do this people of mine.

I'll see me on the other side. The best way forward is through .


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