Sunday, August 16, 2015

"You make it look like it's magic..."


This may just be my tune for my first dance at my wedding, I'm thinking...

How perfect a first line is that ..."You make it look like it's magic..." #dropsmic

So beautiful. Also I could do a beautiful little bit of a non awkward dance to this beat I do think.

What does make me chuckle a lot is that it's from the Fifty shades of Grey soundtrack. I have not read the book, I have not watched the movie, but I do enjoy this track a lot.

"I'm 'a care for you..." Think those are pretty important words to impart at your party to celebrate the many many days, over many years of marriage that are to follow. May all of us who choose this path in life, remember that even when our person is not being ideal, we don't forget to choose them everyday and care for them.


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