Friday, August 7, 2015


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It has an extra 'e', because it's a long weekend her in the South of A. Hello to that! Women's Day on Sunday, it's a tough to comment on and I'm just not in the mood.

I am grateful to be a woman and happy to have been born one. That is for sure.

What I have loved is that it is International Breast Feeding week. That is something to celebrate and for me, a definite highlight of being a woman. One thing I look so forward to and am anxious about, all at the same time. That will be life right there. I was breast fed till I was 2, so it's particularly close to my heart, as I was when I lay close to my Mama's heart while she breast fed me. Lucky little me bean. So the tears came when I read this most touching post on Kimmy and Bear, by the most incredible Mama and woman, Bailey about breastfeeding her twin toddlers. Speaks to the heart this kind of stuff. So I honour this and all mothers who nourish their babies bodies and souls, and their own. I'm one of those #BreastisBest believers.

Weekend plans? I think some kitchen time would be great for me. Love thats space. Also want to get some work done and just enjoy some, solo quiet time and also be with some of my faves.

Some weekend reading that I wanted to share with you lovelies...

This really strikes a SPARK
Breakfast salad - will be tried this weekend

Hearts off to you all!

Happy weekend.


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