Thursday, July 16, 2015

Notes from plants...

Nature has got it sorted. We should take more notes for sure. I take notes. My bestie is off to her fave place, the bush with her babes for a wedding. I love the bush. Nature at its finest and also little babes in the bush, I mean life!

Plants and greenery as much as possible in my space and all spaces I go to are essential for me.  I like to keep my oxygen where I can see it.

I just love how plants are so different and they seem to rejoice in their beauty. While we may want to group them as all green, the shades vary so vastly and are all so beautiful, I wish I could take it all in.

I also realised, that there is so much we simply overlook in learning from nature. Plants take in yucky, carbon dioxide and process it to do what? Produce life giving oxygen back into nature.

Please use that analogy for life. There is so much yucky stuff that abounds and comes into our space, don't absorb it, just use it as a facilitator or catalyst for the process of making yourself great and contributing positively to yourself and your surroundings. Be your own kind of oxygen.

Oh and please don't forget to breathe. Reach towards the light to. Plants have that stuff on lock. Oh and we'll discuss their rootedness, another time, but you can think about that so long.


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