Friday, May 1, 2015

It's gonna be MAY!!

I couldn't resist! Here's my list of lovely things that happened today and also also just a few things for you for the weekend.

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  1. My mentee got engaged today, precious sweet, super smart, little boy is going to be someone's husband! Eek so happy for him and his sweet treasure of a little wife to be! Best news of the day. What better way to celebrate Labour Day than with a Labour of Love.
  2. I started out my day with an awesome meeting with a cool guy and his even more vibrant and incredible daughter. Daddy/Daughter duos for the win!
  3. It's a public holiday and boy did lovely Mother Nature show off! It was so beautifully sunny.
  4. We've had such magnificent light so far this Autumn. 
  5. I watched this movie this afternoonand I filled the cinema with loud laughter, thigh slapping tears of laughter wiping. I love French film, but this is truly hilarious and not just French humour, but it really just transcends even borders the French sometimes put up. In one word, Genial!
  6. what do you call it? 
  7.  I'm having a career rethink, this is great advice for life and career. Do you!
  8. I need a new book to read. Recommendations welcome.
  9. Sleep in. Just a teeny tiny little lie in.
Have a great weekend you precious people. Cuddle and kiss those close to you.

Be kinder than is necessary. Always!


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