Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Have you realised this?

This has dawned on me  more and more as I grow up.

I remember watching that film with Hilary Swank, You're Not You. It had me sobbing away and its insightful shocks to my sleepy psyche. Her character in the movie, when speaking about the man she'd married and she said to him, "you don't see me. You don't see me as who I am. It's not your fault either, because I've been trying to be the women that I see you see." That was jarring to listen to I must say. So true though. Made me think that's for sure.

She then goes on to say, "why is it that we want the ones that don't see us, instead of the ones who do?"

What a question? I was wodnering this myself yesterday, why I choose guys who are quite cruel to me and often reckless with me and my heart? It's a choice, MY choice, I won't shy away from that difficult truth. Well now i know better, so I better choose better.

It is such a wonderful thing though to be with people who see you, as you are. It's so great to spend time with people who remind you just how of you there is and all of you is so lovely and loveable. These people are so rare. Hold on tight.

See you first, before you can expect others to.


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