Friday, May 15, 2015

Dress up and show up

It's Friday. Man oh man I've looked forward to this day! Yay!

Yes to this!
Have a beautiful weekend lovelies. FIRST!! Let's get through Friday and please make it spectacular! I plan to make mine so!

Our autumn days are so sunny and glorious here, that it's just wonderful to be out and enjoy them. I plan to dress up today. It's a great way to get through the day with an added bit of energy and panache. Tu vois?!

Tried out an incredible restaurant for dinner last night. French restaurant, really brought back the nostalgia of France for me, which I love so much. Thinking of trying it for breakie tomorrow. Saw the beautiful and newly engaged, Jozi Food Fix, there, so I guess we were on the right track. Service is still struggling a little, but they're finding their feet I guess.

So here are a  few reads from the web for the weekend...
What is on your future bae's bookshelf matters
Well what have you been waiting for? Real girls
Trying to get to grips with this study
We do love us some beauty tips from those in the know
This is what I call an EDUCATION. Best thing I've seen all week!

May your weekend be a thing of beauty.

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