Thursday, May 7, 2015

Classroom Crush

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I love big books and I cannot lie. My love for learning is immense. I realise this more and more as I continue to get schooled. I mean life has daily lessons for sure, but for me being in a classroom is also pretty awesome.

I've been in class all week this week and really Finance is a fascinating subject, but what does make it easier is the having a cutie in class. Especially a cutie in your row. Big smile!! Lucky me right!

I'm a single gal and I'm all for a holistic education and eye candy is really a positive addition to this equation. Definitely a ROE and everything here.

So I went to a monastic school, so I didn't learn how to flirt ever. I just stun boys with my awkwardness and even then, barely! I say and do all the wrong things. Into that please read, that I almost rolled down the stairs this week, in full view of in class cutie! Goodness me!! I have learnt nothing in this necessary life skill clearly.

It's been lovely though. As lectures come to an end, the lessons don't end do they. While as we're older we're a LOT more committed to coming to class, I've really enjoyed having the cutie in my row as extra incentive ;)


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