Wednesday, April 22, 2015


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I've been doing weekly posts lately on love and matters of the hear lately. All that feelings stuff that we sometimes struggle to talk about.

I saw these framed words on That Kind of Woman and they really struck me. Beautifully and simply framed, words in black and white, just aesthetically please me, but then I read the words and they really resonated.

I had a terrible break up about a year ago now, but it cut me deep and I think I finally started to equalize from the beginning of this year. It's amazing this thing called falling in love and then what happens when it ends. Letting go is so important I've learnt and found, but mostly letting go of the hurt, disappointment. Moreover learning to accept the apology that you may never receive. Learning is also key.Learn the lessons from break ups girls and boys. Otherwise you're out of one that does not serve you, straight into another one that gives you more of what you should not have been doing in the last one. I'm personally not for spin cycles of dating.

I like to get back towards myself before I even think about attempting this hey you stuff with someone else. Go steadily amidst the haste and noise is what I prefer. I've often said to my sisters and friends that not all dating is meant for a lifetime, sometimes we date just for dating sake. There is a lesson in each and every relationship we come into and come out of. Learn your lesson for you, you inevitably do gain some sort of understanding, look out for it, and learn it. Learn to let go, you know when it's time.

These words above really resonated in all their harsh and ever so beautifully framed truth...

"How strange is it that after all that we are strangers again."

Strange, true, beautiful, sad, real and just the way it is. All at once.


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