Thursday, April 2, 2015

Pappa on Duty

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I'm a big fan of Dads. They truly are so special. I am grateful that even though my Dad travelled a lot for work, we still got to spend the most precious moments with him and still do. Dads are wonderful.

They often get a bad rap too from all the silly ones who think parenting is an option.

I love Scandanavia and lot of things Scandanavian. One thine I do enjoy is their 1 year paid maternity leave, which I really think is an essential minimum. Better still, Dads get lenghtly paternity leave as well, a compulsory 60 days for sure. My last check was that it was about 6 months that Dads got as paternity leave, with pay subsidised by the state, which they can allocate for over a period. Isn't that cool.

Photographer, Johan Bävman, decided to document his time as a Dad, as well a other Dads and their experience on spending time with their kids a photo series called Swedish Dads.

So special and it's really a different fun with Dad on duty. These memories live with kids forever. Grown kids like us still look back so fondly on these moments.

Spend time with them while they're little, it's so fleeting. They hold it in their hearts forever and it adds such depth to your relationship with your kids. Dads are another dimension of delight.



Teeny bums can bath anywhere.

Out door bath time in buckets. Thanks Dad!

Meal time comes with its own intricacies and emotions.

Wrapped up in Pappa love. This is so beautiful.

Ships ahoy me babies!

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