Friday, April 17, 2015

Frankly Friday

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I'm battered and bruised this week. Quite literally. Cut my finger quite deeply in a freak home broken glass accident. Waddling, not wallowing in a little feeling sorry for myself. Just a little, I'm allowed. I'm mostly so upbeat, I don't even know what to do with myself. Everything is not as it seems kids.

Autumn is settling in in the Southern hemisphere at the mo. We had some beautiful rain yesterday evening, which sadly has not washed away all the madness going down in SA at the moment. Pathetic fallacy in full effect, looking at this rather inclement weather.

Get a great big and cuddle you beauties this weekend. Ooh and maybe a long lingering kiss, because well, kisses are delicious.

Here are some weekend reads for you...
This instagram account is so cute
You can use the whole cauliflower
I would like this wallpaper on my computer
I may tune in for Another Round of listening to this
Gisele does her last runway 
My end of week  delightful Distraction
A little Apartment Loving

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